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A Comprehensive Solution For Smaller Fleets.

micro fleetCompanies aren’t born big; they need time and resources to help them grow. Micro Fleet is a service that we designed for our emerging clients who only need 1-5 vehicles in order to do business.

Micro Fleet streamlines the acquisition process and makes it easier for small companies to find and finance the vehicles they need without having to do all of the associated legwork. Less time and energy on fleet management means more time for you to spend on generating revenue. That’s a winning idea, no matter how big or small your business might be.

The Highlights Of Micro Fleet Service Include:

  • If you have 1-5 company vehicles you qualify for Micro Fleet
  • Ideal for business owners and contractors whose cars are paid for by their companies
  • Enjoy the benefits of larger fleets such as volume discounts, maintenance programs, and single-source fleet management
  • Position your fleet to grow with your company

Contact us today to learn more about Micro Fleet for your business.


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