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3 Reasons Why Fleet Tracking Is Critical for Pest Control Companies

Posted by Wilmar, Inc.

AdobeStock_106889416-1Fleet Tracking Is Critical for Pest Control Companies

If you run a pest control company, you have what's considered an essential job, according to a recent article

Part of fighting Covid-19 is getting rid of pests to prevent the spread of harmful and even deadly viruses within households and workplaces. As a pest control manager, it's especially important that you use high-quality fleet tracking solutions for your vehicles.

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Here's why fleeting tracking devices are especially needed for pest control businesses, along with some basic tracking alerts.

1. Controls Idling

Because pests tend to hang out in muggy, warm places, it's common for pest control professionals to spend time walking around crawlspaces and attics as they look for pests. However, sometimes they forget to turn off their vehicles after arriving at a destination.

This bad habit leads to fuel loss. The solution is using an idling alert that warns drivers to switch off their engines rather than keeping them running.

Consider how you're able to receive reports of vehicle operations that provide comprehensive details, regarding each vehicle. This allows you to measure performance and set standards as well as offer incentives to drivers.

2. Monitors Speeders

Another huge reason why pest control companies need fleet tracking devices is for controlling drivers who speed. Speeding is dangerous for anyone, but it's even worse for trucks carrying caustic chemicals.

By using speed control tracking, you can spot speeding vehicles and see how fast they're going. Furthermore, when people see your branded trucks speeding down their streets, it gives them a negative view of your company. You can even use real time alerts, meaning you're able to pull over a speeder and promptly correct the issue.

3. Verifies Where and When a Truck Arrives  

When people contact a pest control business, it's usually an emergency situation, such as a petrified homeowner who's seen a mouse scoot across their living room carpet and hide out behind their refrigerator. When this occurs, it's critical that a pest control specialist arrives as soon as possible or at the time that they told a client.  

Using GPS fleet tracking lets you confirm the exact time and place where a truck arrives as well as when it has left. If a worker does not arrive on time, the pest control manager needs to know this and take action. Just think about how an exterminator failing to get to a home on time can result in losing a customer.  

Basic Types of Tracking Alerts
  • Ignition alerts inform you of the time that a vehicle starts and gives detailed mileage. You have the choice to be informed on any of your devices for the times that your trucks are turned on or off. In other words, you're able to monitor a driver that's been assigned to a certain truck and to be notified when their vehicle has started up.

  • Aggressive driving alerts are used for detecting destructive driving violations. Consider how having this kind of alert system can make a big improvement in your insurance scores, in addition to keeping your drivers safe.

  • There are also alerts that notify you if your drivers are using their vehicles for personal reasons. Moreover, by knowing where a vehicle is 24/7, you can know if a driver is lost or has deviated from an assigned route.

  • Panic alerts are designed for giving your drivers a quick, discrete method for calling for help in emergencies. 


Other Considerations and Warnings
  • Pest control employment is expected to grow seven percent through 2028, which is a faster rate than the average occupation. Thus, the need for exceptional fleet tracking options is even more needed.

  • Sometimes, pest control workers do work when there's no one at home. When this happens, you usually get a phone call from a dissatisfied customer, complaining that no one was there for weekly or monthly spraying. But by showing them the information on your tracking device, you can prove that an employee did show up and perform the work.

  • Using fleet tracking devices can reduce accidents and reduce fuel consumption.

  • Failing to monitor fleet service vehicles can ruin your company's reputation.

  • Consider that 65 percent of a company's business comes from its existing customers.

  • For a higher ROI (return of investment), you need high-quality fleet tracking devices for your vehicles. 

For all your fleet leasing solutions, you can depend on Wilmar, Inc. Based in Charlotte, North Carolina, we are the largest independent fleet leasing and management company in the Southeast. For more information, contact us.

fleet safety guide

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