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3 Tracking Reports That Make a Difference to Fleet Managers

Posted by Wilmar, Inc.

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Using fleet management software and telematics gives you the ability to track all sorts of data. However, making sense of that data to better optimize your fleet is best done through simplified dashboards and specific reports. While you have likely been honing your skills at using the dashboards of your fleet management apps, reports are equally important.

There are three specific tracking reports that will certainly make a difference if you can get these reports compiled by your current fleet management tech: Vehicle problems, Posted speed, and Attendance. Between these three reports, you can gain a clear view of the state of your fleet, the behavior of your fleet, and the specific hours worked by your fleet.

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1) Vehicle Problems Report

Vehicle problem reports are generated when a fleet vehicle's warning symbols illuminate. From Check Engine to Tire Warning, you should be alerted as soon as one of your drivers and vehicles becomes at risk. 

Vehicle problem reports can be connected through fleet management software to provide a telematics assessment of the problem, which light came on, what error code was given, and certain conditions like speed, velocity, and location of the vehicle when the problem began. This can allow you to call in drivers immediately to keep them safe or to schedule timely repairs before a slower-moving issue creates a real risk. You may also gain some insight into conditions where issues are more likely to occur - like bad roads or bad weather.

2) Posted Speed Reports

While time is of the essence, speeding is not something any fleet wants to deal with.  Driving too fast increases the risk of both accidents and speeding tickets, so it's important that your drivers obey the posted speed limits at all times. Fortunately, modern navigation apps make it possible to see the posted speed limit most of the time - even between signs. However, modern telematics software also makes it possible to generate a report for the fleet manager each time a driver exceeds the speed limit.

In addition to a posted speed limit report, an automated process can record the driver's ID, the location, speed, velocity, and conditions surrounding each speeding incident. This allows you to either identify routine speeders or even forgive drivers whose conditions were clearly avoiding an accident.

3) Attendance and Shift Reports

If you have off-site vehicles based in other locations, on remote jobs, or that go home with your fleet employees, it's important to know exactly when those vehicles are in use for business purposes. The right onboard technology can tell you each time the vehicle is in use and when it is inside your geofenced service area. You can also use tech to help drivers clock in when they begin a shift, which will be backed by data reports that they are on designated routes. 

Attendance reports allow you to make sure everyone is paid properly for their work times while also monitoring your vehicles to ensure they don't go anywhere or do anything that is not approved.

What to Do With Your Fleet Management Reports

Once you start collecting essential reports, you can begin making improvements to your fleet management style. Reports are a form of feedback, letting you know what your drivers are up to and when they need help, often before they have a chance to ask.  

With Wilmar, we can help you install all the after-market fleet tech your drivers need to stay sharp and on-task, along with all the data your HQ needs to enact great fleet management. Contact us today to learn more.

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