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4 Ways to Increase Productivity the Right Way

Posted by Wilmar, Inc.

increase productivity

Increasing productivity has all the time been a primary concern among companies across every industry. Inefficiency impairs any organization, and if not addressed in advance can endanger its survival. 

It's crucial for companies to major in increasing productivity to survive and thrive this competitive, pandemic market. With several "proven strategies" to boost productivity, it's hard to pinpoint what precisely matters to a developing company.

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However, discussed below are 4 ways to increase productivity the right way in your fleet management business.  

1. Lay clear expectations and related repercussions

A company must understand what it's working towards to maximize its rate of accomplishing day-to-day activities.

Setting explicit goals or objectives for your staff is essential to keep everyone prioritized and focused. The methodology of defining these goals is equally essential; including your team's input in establishing goals ultimately changes their mindset leading to successful business.

Similarly, it's vital to also define repercussions for dimming the company expectations. However, fleet managers must tread carefully the line between unenthusiastic leadership and bully enforcement to boost productivity while ensuring team motivation.

2. Consider fleet management software (FMS)

FMS allows employers (particularly drivers) to organize and perform company tasks in an efficient, streamlined manner. Most time-consuming activities like payrolls, routing, tax payments, scheduling, etc. are at times hard to manage.

But the availability of human resource information system — FMS — will simplify most activities like paper records, allowing your staff to solely concentrate on important matters related to company success.

Investing in the right technology will get you up-to-date insights in real time to fine-tune production timeframes as well as equipment maintenance appropriately. This gives your drivers mobility and enough information when needed, empowering them to accomplish more in a shorter time.

3. Foster health and safety of drivers

Health and safe team is a happy team. With fewer illnesses or injuries issues, your drivers will focus on company productivity. Promoting healthy staff can be enhanced in various ways.

For instance, integrating driver safety programs — from health & wellness practices to teaching them about importance of preventive maintenance and safety. This will greatly reduce mental stress or physical injury risk, giving them a reason to work smart.

Because some drivers would bend the rules, be sure to identify poor driving behaviors like speed violations and aggressive braking. Monitoring all company threatening activities will help avoid accidents and vehicle damage.

Therefore, invest in continued driver or employee training to promote positive habits of driving. Let your drivers be aware of their errors and find peaceful ways on how to fix them without antagonizing anyone.

4. Establish good working relations

Effective communication is key to success in any working place. Fleet managers should communicate clear-cut expectations and responsibilities to every employee in order to ensure an engaged and productive workforce. This way, you and your workers forms a cohesive unit focused on a common goal.

A good team welcomes loyalty and trust, which foster a sense of camaraderie among company members.

According to the Future Work Institute study, employees who always work with friends or familiar people boost their productivity by 10% on average. Thus fleet managers should promote good working relations with drivers including other workers to increase productivity.

Increase productivity the right way today!

Keeping a positive attitude is vital in boosting productivity, so no matter your struggles always look at the bright side. The aforementioned 4 ways to increase productivity the right way are a surefire boost you all need to ensure fleet company success.

Master them and implementing them consistently, and soon everyone in your business will stand to benefit.  For more information, feel free to contact us today.

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