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5 Signs It’s Time for a New Fleet Management System

Posted by Wilmar, Inc.

New Fleet Management System

When it comes to transferring your crew and equipment to a project site and delivering your services on-time, nothing beats the effectiveness of a fleet. 

Yet, if not properly managed, fleet vehicles can become troublesome and eat into your bottom line. If you're starting to hit upon any of the following issues, you may need to invest in a new fleet management system.

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Increased Fuel Consumption

Fuel is a major concern for companies that have fleets. If you calculate that your vehicles are draining more money from your business than they should, you may need to invest in a new fleet management system.

A new system can help you monitor your fleet's fuel consumption trends, know when a driver overuses fuel, and identify driver behaviors that lead to excessive consumption.

The latest management solutions will also help you use shorter routes that are traffic-free, thus reducing fuel costs.

Rising Fleet Maintenance Costs

Are your vehicles constantly breaking down? This could be a sign that your fleet management system is ineffective. High fleet maintenance costs can be caused by poor driving habits, old vehicles, or an ineffective maintenance schedule.

If you don't track when your vehicles are due for maintenance, you may delay some necessary repairs. This increases the chances of a costly breakdown.

A fleet maintenance system has tools that notify you when to perform regular service or maintenance. It issues reminders based on the last maintenance date, mileage, or the hours a vehicle has been on the road.

Accidents Are On The Rise, And It's Hard To Determine Why

Road accidents can cost you a fortune in damages, court cases, and lost business opportunities. If you have seen a spike in the number of road accidents in your fleet, and you are unsure of the reason, a fleet management system will help you get some important insights. This solution enables fleet managers to know the "who, what, where, when, and why" of each incident. 

By upgrading your system, you can know when drivers are breaking traffic rules. Actions like speeding, hard braking, and tight cornering increase the chances of an accident happening.

With this knowledge, you can develop a driver coaching problem to improve behavior. You can also use this technology to help your drivers use the safest routes. If a vehicle is headed into a potentially dangerous situation, like extreme weather, you can alert the driver in real-time, allowing them to avoid the problem.

Staff Accountability Issues

Have you noticed that the productivity of your employees is going down? If the crew is taking too much time on a single project, extending lunch breaks, vanishing from the worksite, or using the vehicle to run personal errands, you need to upgrade to the latest fleet management technology.

This will help you know every move your employees make and pinpoint the cause of the dip in productivity.

You're Missing Appointments Or Arriving Late

Are your vehicles increasingly getting stuck in traffic? Are they developing mechanical problems on the road? All these factors can force you to cancel appointments or arrive late. If you want to develop strong relationships with new clients and keep your existing clients happy, upgrade your fleet management system.

A new system will enable you to visualize the current traffic situation, thus allowing you to avoid gridlocks. It will also help you avoid unexpected breakdowns since you will be alerted on time when a vehicle needs maintenance.

Vehicle dispatching will also be more efficient as you will be able to dispatch a vehicle that is nearest to the customer's location. This will reduce the journey, improve arrival time, and save fuel.

Bottom Line

To get the best out of your fleet, you need to have a good fleet management system in place. If you are wondering how to upgrade your system and boost the productivity of your vehicles, consult Wilmar. Their experts have extensive experience providing customized fleet solutions for all types of businesses.

To learn more about fleet management systems, contact Wilmar today!

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