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Getting the Best Fleet Management Software

Posted by Wilmar, Inc.

Best Fleet Management Software

The technological revolution has been radically transforming industries for several years. Fleet management software has not been left behind. 

For years now, innovation has been at the heart of fleet management. Fleet management has taken advantage of various technological advances to ensure customer satisfaction and efficiency.

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Some of the services offered by fleet management software include:

Real-Time Workforce Tracking

Fleet management software gives you the luxury of tracking workforce performance from your point of convenience.

Regulatory Compliance

Compliance with federal, state and local governments can be a headache for any fleet owner. Manual Renewal of licenses, permits and insurance for several vehicles can be time-consuming. Fleet management software makes your regulatory compliance more manageable.  

Maintenance Scheduling

Maintenance of a fleet of vehicles can be an arduous task. Each vehicle is unique in its needs and may require a different schedule with the mechanic. With fleet management software, you never miss your schedules. You also get timely notifications that enable you to plan.

Real-time GPS Tracking

GPS technology allows you to locate your fleet wherever it is. This is crucial in case of theft and when unexpected complications arise. GPS tracking also helps in fuel tracking and estimation hence ensuring efficient fuel use.

Inventory Management

Fleet Management Software takes all the filing, data storage and retrieval off your hands. Keeping an inventory of all the receipts, invoices, orders and delays gets easier with algorithms of Software Tracking. Fleet Management Software also comes with accuracy as a bonus and avoids most of the mistakes manual inventories make.

Some of the best Fleet Management Software Include:

There are thousands of fleet management software solutions out there but the following stand out.


Fleetio automates your fleet management process. Using its cloud and mobile-based capabilities, it manages your inspections, drivers, and maintenance.

Fleetio promises to transform your fleet management experience. It promises dramatic improvements in efficiency, fuel costs and labor management.  

Fleet Tracker

Fleet tracker is a household name in fleet tracking software. It receives its fame from its unrivalled performance in driver performance monitoring, engine maintenance scheduling, inventory tracking and automated alert systems.


Developed by GFI as a fleet management system, latitude has plenty to offer for its clients. It provides a wide range of GPS compatibility, together with all the fleet management tools and requirements.

It uses GPS to determine vehicle locations and evaluate drivers and also provides timely alerts.

Fleet Focus

It is impossible to discuss fleet management software without mentioning Fleet Focus. This software comes from a long history of reliability.

Fleet focus automates every single aspect of fleet management and offers premium solutions for fleet management. It offers solutions from the time the fleet vehicle is purchased, its fuel efficiency, maintenance, driver performance, and its locations to the eventual disposal of the vehicle.

Chevin Fleet Wave

This fleet management software has been a godsend since it was launched several years ago. It covers a wide range of fleet vehicles from trucks to construction machinery.

It automates most aspects of fleet management, cutting expenses and saving valuable time.

Benefits of Fleet Management Software

The benefits of including fleet management software in your business plan are many and cannot be understated.

  • Efficiency- Including software in your fleet saves on cost and time. Your business is in a better position to respond to delays, reroute and manage inventory.
  • Quicker Response- Fleet Management Software enables your fleet to respond quickly to delays and orders. You get data about your fleet almost instantly that allows you to plan for future response.
  • Improved Data Sharing and Management- With Fleet Management Software, data collection, storage, retrieval and analysis is no longer a hassle. The software does all this for you.  
  • For the best Fleet Management Solutions, contact WilmarInc today and let us put our several years of experience at work in your fleet management.

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