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Commercial Vehicle Safety: Proven Ways to Boost Your Fleet's Safety

Posted by Scott Crawford

commercial vehicle safety

Fleet management doesn't come without its share of costly risks because accidents can bring medical, vehicle damage and legal costs against your company. In fact, did you know the average worker's compensation claim reaches up to $21,000 per incident? Commercial vehicle safety is important in order to protect your driver's and your bottom line.

Depending on the size of the company, some fleets can have as many as 100 accidents per year, which means the cost of fleet accidents can rise as high as $2,100,000 per year. That's why you need worker's compensation insurance.


Distracted Driving: The Big No!

In recent years, advertisers have thrown millions of dollars into TV commercials about the dangers of texting while driving. However, another lesser danger exists where the driver of the vehicle gets lost and looks at his smartphone for directions.

That can also stir up the potential road hazards. Instead, fleet managers can lower this risk with the purchase of solid GPS systems for each fleet vehicle. It hands the driver instant feedback and warns them if they have turned off the correct route. 




Driver Coaching and Training

You'd be surprised how fleet management software can reduce the risk of deadly accidents. With fleet management software, the system monitors the driving habits of the employee behind the wheel.

When your drivers brake hard or speed, the system transmits an alert to your smartphone or email inbox. You can't fix what you can't see, and notifications provide you with instant feedback on the exact areas where your drivers need guidance. This makes your company drivers safer and better at the services they provide.




Maintenance: Never Neglect Safety

Simple and regular maintenance checkups with the local mechanic ensures the brakes don't need replacement and the tires on the car measure in at a safe and proper tire pressure because low pressure can cause a nasty accident.

For example, if you use a tire pressure gauge and find a 29 psi, you will want to bring the pressure up to the recommended 32 psi. This in itself boosts the safety. At the same time, you can ask the mechanic to send reminders for when you should take your vehicles in for another check-up. 





Measure and Reward Good Driver Behavior

A lot of attention always goes to the negatives and punishing the bad drivers, but we don't always give the good drivers a pat on the back for their safe driving habits. Instead, you can measure the compliance of your drivers and if they have practiced safe driving.

Once you have done this, you can reward the individuals or even teams who have the best safety record. Make it a competition, and you'd be surprised how many more people will take it seriously. 




Alertness at the Intersection

Where paths cross at a busy intersection, danger will always lurk because you have a variety of hazards that endangers everyone. For example, a pedestrian might fail to observe before walking out into traffic, or they might cross without using the crosswalk.

In addition, you might have a car that blows a stop light or someone who turns when they don't have the right away. On a national scale, car accidents at the intersection make up 40 percent of all crashes, according to Keep alert and never assume someone will stop just because the light says they should.

When you boost the safety of your fleet, you can lower the number of accidents. Unfortunately, in this business, car accidents are a nature of the trade, but we can take precautions to prevent some of the simpler mistakes.

If you'd like to learn more about driving safety for your fleet, Wilmar Inc. has the knowledge and experience to make driving a safer and more cost-effective experience for everyone. We understand fleet management. For further information, contact us today!

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