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Safety Tips When Driving Company Vehicles

Posted by Scott Crawford

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Parking lots are some of the most dangerous places to drive car or truck fleets because of the constant movement of vehicles, and when the lot becomes congested, the frequency of accidents go up even more. You have to take measures to protect yourself and reduce the chances of having an accident in the parking lot.

Here's some fleet safety tips you can follow to lower your chances of an accident when driving through parking lots.

Tip #1: Stay Vigilant

Whenever driving in a parking lot, you have to remain alert to the possibility of cars that race through the isles. Not everyone will have the same attitude of caution, and you have to prepare for it.

While driving in the parking lot, keep at a lower speed and flip the turn signal on as needed. Whenever possible, avoid the lanes for two-way driving because you will have to keep your attention on a variety of moving vehicles. 

Tip #2: Respect Parking Lot Etiquette

Double parking, for example, can be defined as taking up two or more spaces. While people rarely get a parking violation ticket, it angers other drivers, and in some cases, it has led to acts of vandalism.

You don't want to be on the receiving end of it because it can ruin a good day. Also, if you double park in the wrong place like a bike lane, it can force a bicyclist to drive in traffic, which can cause accidents. 

Tip #3: Know How to Defend Your Fleet Vehicle

Congested parking lots increase the danger of dents and scratches from shopping carts and neighboring car doors.

During the daytime, you want to park a reasonable distance from facilities where all the cars gather, but once it gets dark, you should park in busier locations and away from secluded areas. That's not only to avoid damage to your vehicle, it prevents you from becoming the victim of a crime.

Where's a dream parking spot? If you could park next to an island, it's your safest bet because the only danger presented comes from traffic that's turning.

You can also park next to poles because it protects the company vehicle from reckless drivers who pull up too close and bash in the front end of your car. At night, the light pole illuminates your parking space for added security. 

Tip #4: Fleet Safety-Keen Observation Skills to Save You from an Accident

Before you start to back out, scan 360 degrees to ensure you have a cleared route. Parking lots have become a place prone to accidents because you might have pedestrians on the right and left while other cars are driving through and others are backing out.

A parking lot can be a bustling area with many things to keep track of. If legal in the region, you can choose to park where you pull out facing traffic as opposed to going reverse into traffic. Based on a report from Independent Insurance Agents and Brokers Association, 20 percent of all car accidents happen in the parking lot. 

Tip #5: Use Special Care at the Post Office

Because post offices have a quick turnover time, the influx and movement at the post office ranks it as one of the places with the highest occurring number of accidents. Especially if you have to send a couple of packages, don't let it distract you—stay alert.

Many times people who drive in parking lots disregard the safety and fail to put on their seat belt because they're close to their destination. This is one of the biggest mistakes you can make because parking lots are rife with a potential danger for accidents. If you'd like to learn more about fleet safety, contact us today!

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