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Fleet Companies' Focus Increasingly Customer-Centric

Posted by Wilmar, Inc.


Every business across the globe has faced the necessity of adapting to a post-pandemic industry. For many, the landscape has completely changed.

The need to reach customers has precipitated full-scale upgrades for customer and employee protection. Mask policies, no-contact curbside, and delivery-everything are the new norm.

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People are avoiding non-household human contact and when they do come in contact with business personnel, they are extremely careful with a mask and gloves. Companies that have adapted to the new business model have thrived. But where does that leave fleet services?

Fleet Companies Center on Customer Need

Fleet services have always been a unique part of the customer-facing industry because they bring the job to the customer, not the other way around. A home cleaning job takes cleaning supplies and expertise into each home. HVAC snd appliance repair teams must inspect and repair broken units on-site.

Roofers and home maintenance teams may work for several days in and out of a client's home. Fleet companies have always cared about customers but the focus has mostly been on quotes, inspections, and getting the job done. Today, customer-centric service is more important than ever before. 

The reason is simple: Customer need is greater. Families and individuals in their homes - quarantined or simply distancing - need to be able to trust their field services. They need to both know that no-contact methods are in place and how they can align with those methods.

Most of all, they need to know that their field service teams are prepared to meet their needs for isolation. In response, fleet companies have stepped up to far greater customer-centric services.

Increasing Online Availability

One of the biggest changes is online availability for customers to make, schedule, and reschedule their own appointments. Recent updates in customer-centric service also focus on live chat and other forms of responsive customer communications.

The more customers can handle online, with or without the help of a live representative, the more pandemic-safe a field service business will be.

Coordinating Fleet Vehicles with Customers

Once customers are booking online, their bookings can be aligned with the technology inside each fleet vehicle. For appointment managing, installed devices allow drivers to keep track of who has cancelled or rescheduled when they are out making the rounds.

Customers may also want to communicate about their upcoming service, something a non-driving team member can handle while the driver is en-route.

Larger Fleets for Rapid and On-Time Services

Several field service businesses are also increasing the size of their fleets in light of the new customer-centric focus. More vehicles means two things in terms of making customers happy. First is that a team can take on more jobs and get to customers faster - with more vehicles to take on specific dates and locations.

The second item is on-time services. By spreading out jobs between old and new vehicles, you ensure that each day's route has the cushion to help prevent late services and room to schedule emergency services.

With fewer vehicles, these additional features are often overloaded quickly. Increasing the size of the fleet, and the technology within, increase your ability to each customers in their need.

Fleet Focus on Customer-Centric Service

Is your fleet business refocusing your efforts on contact-free services and customer-centric care? Now is the time to build new strategies and take the best possible care of your clients. Increase your no-contact interface, your digital communication, and your fleet's ability to reach customers in-need.

For more great insights or the fleet management and growing services you need to thrive, contact us today! We always look forward to consulting with and helping every business.

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