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Fleet Management Company Can Help Overcome Supply Chain Challenges

Posted by Wilmar, Inc.

Overcome Vehicle Supply Chain Challenges

Right now, vehicle manufacturing is facing the supply chain SNAFU. This issue is coming from several directions at once, compounding into a single definable problem: It's hard to find the new or used vehicles you need to complete your commercial fleet.

A shortage of shipping personnel and an increased demand for deliveries has left us with a widespread transportation shortage affecting everything from house-building lumber to retail deliveries. At the same time, the pandemic economic shifts led to a quick contraction and expansion of microchip manufacturing - an essential component in modern vehicle design.

With a shortage of both chips and materials, new cars are not being manufactured as quickly and even used cars are seeing a skyrocket in demand as the supply for vehicles becomes short.

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In this environment, a commercial fleet looking to expand is - understandably - at a disadvantage. Vehicle prices for both new and used models are going up. Finding exactly the right model, color, and maintenance standard for your fleet can be a real challenge. Fortunately, you are not limited to your own resources when it comes to building a great fleet, even with new vehicles in short supply.

Fleet management services make it possible to both optimize your current fleet and access non-public sources for commercial vehicles 

How Can Fleet Management Navigate the Vehicle Supply Shortage?

Access Commercial Vehicle Pools

Many commercial fleets buy cars from the same sources as private individuals: from dealerships and local lots. In a time of surplus, this method is an effective way to find the make, model, and price-point you're looking for - especially buying one vehicle at a time. However, in a time of shortage, your local dealerships and lots may not have the vehicles your fleet needs in supply.

A fleet management company can connect you to non-public sources of fleet vehicles, including vehicle leasing and commercial fleet sellers looking for fleet buyers. Your fleet manager can open access and facilitate your acquisition of commercial vehicles from within these industry supply pools.

Optimize Your Current Fleet

When new vehicles are in short supply, often your best solution is to optimize the fleet you have. If you currently have any vehicles down for repairs, a fleet management company can facilitate those repairs and streamline those vehicles back into service. They can also help you improve the efficiency of your fleet already on the road. 

By improving your software, implementation, loadout equipment, and route planning, a fleet manager can also improve the overall productivity of your fleet. This can mean more accurate appointment times and even a wider service radius without the need for additional vehicles.

Source OEM Parts for Fleet Repairs

Have trouble getting OEM parts to repair your fleet vehicles? Due to the microchip and shipment shortages, this can be a real problem for local fleets. A fleet management company, however, has access to many manufacture and mechanic sources that can help you find and implement new warranty-approved parts when repairs are needed.

Facilitate Fleet Trades

Sometimes, what you really need is to trade a few of your vehicles out of the fleet for new fleet vehicles. With a fleet management company, they can connect you with other fleets looking to make a similar trade. Need your fleet to switch from 50/50 to 60/40 sedans to vans? There's no doubt another fleet nearby looking to make a similar change in the other direction. When both fleets are well-maintained, you can trade without worrying about the shortage of ready vehicles on the open market.

Manage Fleet Upgrades for Available Vehicles

Sometimes, the vehicles that are available aren't ideal for your fleet, but they could be. With a few upgrades like cargo racks and heads-up displays, you can make use of the vehicles available on the market without looking high and low for already ideal vehicles. A fleet management company has all the resources needed to provide upgrades and fleet branding to any vehicle that becomes a part of your fleet or upgrade your existing fleet to meet your evolving needs.

Provide a Unification Strategy for Mixed-Model Fleets

Finally, your fleet management team can help you to make a fleet of mixed-model vehicles appear unified and professional. While most fleets have a specific preference for the make, model, and color of vehicles they buy, the shortage can make it challenging to fulfill your requirements in a timely manner. With the right branding and equipment load-outs, even a mixed-model fleet will look slick and ready to perform for your customer base, whatever industry you may be in.

Is your fleet struggling with vehicle supply chain challenges? Partner with our fleet management company to start optimizing and sourcing using our wide network of fleet management, upgrade, branding, leasing, and supply resources. Contact us today to learn more and begin your evolving fleet management strategy.

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