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How a Managed Fleet Maintenance Program Will Make Your Life Easier

Posted by Wilmar, Inc.

Managed Fleet Maintenance Program

Are you always behind on license renewals and registrations, unsure of which vehicles to dispose of and which ones to keep, or you simply can' understand how your fleet consumes so much fuel?

Every fleet manager doing it themselves has these questions and more as they try to gain some stability running their business. 

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The biggest challenge with fleet management is increasing profit margins while working with restrictive budgets. A managed fleet maintenance program can make it easier for you to track your spending and profits without hassle. 

How Does a Managed Fleet Maintenance Program Work? 

When a company is under a managed fleet maintenance program, it means that it has outsourced the fleet management duties to a fleet management company. The company now depends totally on the fleet management company to handle services like license renewals, fuel spending, and other micro-management tasks of the fleet. 

A managed fleet maintenance program comes with the following benefits. 

  • Schedules for fleet vehicle maintenance

Vehicles have to undergo routine servicing and a maintenance schedule to keep them going for a long time. Servicing includes tire pressure checks, oil and lubricant changes, fuel filter changes, tire balancing, adjustment of breaks, fuel level checks, and the transmission. 

Every vehicle in the fleet gets a Customized Vehicle Maintenance Guide (VMG), depending on its work routine. In addition, records of every servicing session are recorded in an easy-to-understand graph format. 

  • License and title management

Running late on license renewals and other registrations can lead to unplanned costs in terms of fines, late fees, and duplications. Working under a managed fleet maintenance program will ensure better recording and reporting so that all the documents are up to date. 

It also keeps track of warranties as a way to prevent your company from incurring extra costs when buying maintenance products covered by warranties. 

  • Disposing of unusable vehicles

The time comes when you have to get rid of vehicles that are no longer performing as they should and instead drag you through multiple repairs in a short while. But, how easy is the process of disposing of them? 

A managed fleet management program takes care of the disposal of the fleet vehicles, and all you need to do is bring in your new vehicles. 

  • Top-tier service vendors

Servicing a fleet requires dedicated service vendors and repair facilities that will handle the fleet with utmost care. Out of the thousands of service vendors and repair facilities across the country, a managed fleet management program will find the best and create a network that can service your fleet anywhere in the country. 

  • Dedicated customer service

Proper fleet management requires constant communication and dependable customer service for an easier flow of activities. A managed fleet management software will establish a toll-free, 24/7 customer service where anyone can get immediate attention from the staff, therefore improving customer satisfaction. 

  • Management of monthly fueling and reporting

If not well-monitored, monthly fleet fueling expenses can easily become a black hole that drains all your money. A managed fleet management program offers a fuel card that is supported in fueling stations across the country, making it easy for you to monitor the spending on fuel. 

The fuel card has a spending limit that restricts the driver from overspending on fuel and records the data for better reporting. You can pick out the biggest fuel spenders from the monthly data trends and find ways to lower them. 

Ready for an Easier Life? 

It's okay to feel like you must be in control of everything when managing your fleet. But, a little help from a managed fleet maintenance program will go a long way to improve your fleet's efficiency and, in return, increase the profit margins. 

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