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How to Brand Your Vehicle Fleet and Why It Matters

Posted by Wilmar, Inc.

 Brand Your Vehicle

What do you think when you see a branded vehicle on the road? Well, it depends on the vehicle and the branding design. 

It's hard not to smile when we see a carpet-cleaning cargo van custom painted with bubbles. When we see a work truck stocked with well-secured tools and all the right modifications, we nod in approval of the branded company because they must be pros.

We all know pizza on the way to someone's late night, and some branded vehicles let us know to drive more carefully or be more patient near them.

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Branding your vehicle fleet creates awareness and interest in local services, and can accomplish much more with the right branding choices. If you are starting your approach to fleet branding, it's worth considering both your style and your application options.


Vehicle Branding Design


Make Your Fleet Memorable

The core purpose of branding your fleet is to make them recognizable and memorable. You want customers to know immediately when your service arrives at the curb, and for those on the road to notice and admire your vehicles as they drive past.

You want people who have seen your vehicles to think of your brand when they need service and remember your vehicles positively after becoming customers.

Conveying Your Brand

Your next priority is to convey your brand admirably. Appealing colors, positive graphics, and clean design are all part of the package.

But also put thought into designs that make onlookers think that your brand is professional and well-put-together in your branding choices. This is the reputation that will generate returns.

Big or Small

The third important consideration is sizing. How much detail do you want? full-body branding can be compelling, but sometimes a simple door and tailgate decal create a more dignified branding design for your company.

You can also accomplish a lot with selective detail branding combined with uniform paint colors or very simple custom paint designs. Let's dive into your application options for the fleet.


Vehicle Branding Application Options


Distinct Vehicle Model

The simplest and best baseline way to brand a fleet is with uniform vehicle models. Choose something perfect for the job or purposefully choose a distinctively shaped model.

Combined with custom color and branding, your fleet will stand out on the road and look like a professional team when parked or driving together. And if you're starting small, a uniform fleet is a great beginning.

Custom Body Paint

The color of your fleet creates a strong imprint, so it's easy to unify your fleet by painting them all the same color. Pick a brand color, ideally one that is not among the 10 most common car colors. You can also color-code your fleet based on model, purpose, and even service region.

With only a small amount more customization, you can two-tone your vehicles, painting some areas a secondary brand color for truly distinctive effect.

Vinyl Vehicle Wraps

The lowest cost option for full-body branding is vinyl vehicle wrapping. A vinyl vehicle wrap is a form-fitting plastic sheet that can be printed with any brand design you want.

You can have vivid colors, high detail, and printed information on a vinyl vehicle wrap and, for 3-18 months, your fleet will look excellent. Be aware that vinyl rips and fades in the sun fairly easily, so this solution is best for short-term branding, branding vehicles you cannot modify, and event fleet branding.


Decals are the single most common type of vehicle branding because they can be used on any make, model, color, or age of vehicle. Decals are stickers, made with a variety of printing and adhesive options, that stick to the side and back of a vehicle.

You have seen decals thousands of times on the road, and you can likely recall how some are better than others. For long-term solutions, make sure to choose decals that do not fade in the sun.

Magnetic Decals

For truly temporary branding, as when using a borrowed or short-term-leased vehicle, try magnetic decals. Magnet decals are heavier and thicker than adhesive decals and tend to fade in the sun over months, but are excellent for short-term vehicle branding.

Be apprised that they are not a good long-term non-stick solution. Magnetic decals can eventually adhere and/or melt into a vehicle over years.

Custom Stencil Paint

In addition to choosing one or two vehicle body colors, you can also permanently brand your fleet with stenciled or even artist-applied paint. This is the best way to apply a permanent branding design and to achieve detailed full-body paint.

Branded Powder Coating

Powder coating is an increasingly popular option for long-term vehicle branding. Powder coating, like paint, can be applied full-body or with detail through a stencil.

The primary benefit of powder coating is that it is nearly indestructible, much more difficult to chip or damage, and is more eco-friendly for a collection of reasons. Powder coating does not include toxic solvents and the excess powder or beads that fall to the ground can be collected and re-sprayed after an application. 


Branding your vehicle fleet is an important step in building your brand and local presence. There are many ways to brand your fleet and we would love to help. Contact us today for more fleet management and customization advice or to consult on the unique needs of your vehicle fleet.

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