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How to Lease a Truck

Posted by Wilmar, Inc.

how to lease a truck

Whether you are an individual or a business, sometimes you need to lease a truck. Leasing a truck is a good decision for anyone who needs a truck for 6-months to 5-years but, for unique reasons, would prefer not to buy.

 Buying hits your credit, costs more, and requires more effort to trade-out for a new model, so leasing can be incredibly appealing for many types of professionals and businesses.

The good news is that leasing a truck is much easier than you might think. Professional leasing services specialize in making this process smooth, convenient, and completely satisfying for you, the customer.

lease lowdown

If you know what is needed, your leasing service can make it happen. Here's the process of leasing a truck step-by-step.

Step 1) Decide the Type of Truck You Need

The first step is to know what you need. Leasing companies are prepared to help connect you with the best-suited vehicle, but knowing your needs will significantly shorten the process.

You can come in knowing the precise make, model, and trim package you need to lease or you can have a general idea of the size, power, and work the truck must do.

Either way (or with both sets of information), your leasing company will connect you with the right vehicle to lease.

Step 2) Find a Local Vehicle Leasing Service

The next step, naturally, is to find a leasing service to work with. There are vehicle leasing services across the nation, and even many small towns have some kind of vehicle renting or leasing.

But it's important to pick a service that has high customer reviews online, a long history of good service, and specializes in helping your type of business.

Once you find a leasing service, reach out and begin the process. Explain to the leasing team what you're looking for in a truck, the length of time you want to lease, and so on.

Step 3) Select Your Truck or Request a Vehicle

Work with your leasing team to select the truck you're going to lease. They will have an inventory in-stock that you can choose from, and there's a good chance that the truck you need is available.

But on the off-chance that you don't find the truck you need, or none of the trucks available quite meet your needs, then just ask.

You can absolutely request that a vehicle be added to the inventory for you to lease it, including specific packages and features.

Step 4) Strategize Your Lease Terms

The next step is to build your lease terms. This includes the length of your lease, but also the services the leasing office can offer you.

If you need regular maintenance or assistance with fleet management, a good leasing service can provide these to you along with the leased vehicle.

Talk to your leasing team or rep about what services are available, their prices, and then build the best possible terms for your vehicle lease.

Step 5) Sign the Lease and Pay the Deposit

You are finally ready to sign your truck lease and drive away in your business' new working vehicle. When you sign the lease, you will be asked to pay either an opening deposit or the entire amount of the lease, depending on how you built your lease terms.

Once everything is squared away, you'll be given the keys and a cheerful farewell from the leasing team.

Step 6) Enjoy Your Leased Truck

At this stage, congratulate yourself on leasing a truck and enjoy the use of that truck for the duration of the lease.

Be sure to keep the truck in good condition and bring it back for maintenance if you have any concerns. Your leased truck should serve you well and will be legally yours in most ways until the end of the lease.

Step 7) Return the Truck at Lease-End (Or Renew the Lease)

When the lease period comes to a close, bring your truck back into the leasing office. This is your opportunity to either return the truck at the end of your need for it or renew the lease for another year.

There are also options to buy or lease-to-own vehicles through a good leasing office, as well. At the end of your lease, your leasing team will help you end the agreement, renew the lease, or lease a newer and better truck for the next year.

Want to learn more about vehicle leasing for business or personal use? Want to lease a truck right now or start the process? Contact us today!

Wilmar Inc is dedicated to providing top-notch business vehicle leasing services including maintenance, fleet management, vehicle selection, and purchasing options. We'll be happy to help you fulfill all your professional vehicle needs.

lease lowdown

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