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7 Tips on How to Make Your Fleet Safe

Posted by Scott Crawford

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Fleet safety is a big concern for many companies regardless of their size. Unsafe drivers, vehicles and other factors can lead to an accident and possible injury. Your business will save money and operate more efficiently when it follows certain safety precautions to keep your fleet safe.

That's why it's important for everyone in your organization to make safety a priority. Below are several ways you can make your organization safer and prevent future accidents or collisions.

1. Develop Safety Policies

Safety policies are a great way for workers to clearly understand what is and isn't considered safe at the workplace. For example, you can outlines what the consequences are for drivers who get into an accident or get a DUI (driving under the influence) while using the company vehicle.

After you've compiled all the safety policies into one document, go over it with the drivers to make sure they understand and accept the policies and the potential repercussions for not complying with the rules. You can also ask them to sign the document after they've read it. 

You should also give them time to review it and ask questions if anything is unclear. Once the policies are in place it's up to you to enforce it.

2. Create a Safety Committee 

Depending on the size of your business, you may be able to form a safety committee. They can make it a priority to promote safety by implementing the policies you've created. The committee can also revise the policies and enforce disciplinary actions when needed.

3. Reward Good Drivers

Another tip on how to improve your fleet's safety is to reward drivers based on their performance. Create a reward system for drivers that are low risk and don't engage in risky driving behavior. This will give your employees an extra incentive to drive more carefully. 

4. Choose Vehicles With Caution

Next, partner with an independent fleet leasing and management company to handle your fleet selection. They can advise you on how to obtain vehicles and other equipment with high safety ratings, cutting edge safety features and other critical elements that can make your fleet more safe.

5. Provide Driver Training Classes

You can also provide safety and driving courses to your drivers. The training can focus on sharing safety tips and general precautions for drivers. The classes can be behind the wheel, in a class or online depending on everyone's preferences.  

6. Preventive Vehicle Maintenance 

Preventive maintenance is a key strategy that can make your fleet safer. It's easier for drivers to be safe when the company's vehicles are properly maintained. For example, you can partner with another vendor to frequently check the tires and inspect the brakes.

When your company proactively maintains your equipment it can decrease the chances of drivers experiencing mechanical failure and other breakdowns that could result in accidents.

7. Improve Safety with Technology

Lastly, invest in technology that can allow you to monitor the driver's behavior, locate the vehicle in real time and get other analytical data. This can give you and the fleet manager the information you need to make sure that the vehicles are safe for use and that they are secure. Connected vehicles can provide enough data to help you make better strategic decisions. 

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