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How to Select the Right Fleet Management Company

Posted by Wilmar, Inc.

Select the Right Fleet Management

How to Select the Right Fleet Management Company

Treating your customer like royalty includes promptly addressing any issues they raise. Even if you must solve the problems in person, distance should never be why you cannot get to your clients in time; hence having a reliable fleet of vehicles is crucial. Unfortunately, buying tons of vehicles may not fit your budget; thus, the only option is leasing from a fleet management company.

Choosing the wrong company can affect your productivity and, consequently, your profitability. Therefore, if you are wondering how to select the right fleet management company, here are five questions you must ask yourself.

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Can It Offer Customized Needs to Meet Your Specific Needs?

There is no one-size-fits-all solution in fleet management because the various industries that companies operate in have different trends. The right fleet management company should know how best to meet your needs by performing an on-site evaluation of your operation and tailor-make a plan based on your current areas of need. 

As a prospective client, ensure that you meet up with the company's sales representative and determine for yourself if they are the right fit for you. Such capability is evident from testimonials of businesses operating in a similar industry as you.

Will It Affect Productivity Due to Delayed Maintenance?

Imagine your drivers are called to work on several electrical failures within your area of operation, but some of the vehicles break down en route. If the fleet management company you leased your vehicles from does not have several maintenance and repair shops strategically located, your drivers will waste a lot of time looking for one. As if that is not enough time wasted, the vehicles will still need to wait for the necessary repairs before heading to the clients. 

The ideal fleet management company knows that every minute your driver spends in the shop could have been utilized on the job hence ensures a network of service shops and always has the right spare parts in stock.

Does It Have Excellent Customer Service and User Experience?

Among the many challenges that fleet managers face is the time wasted on administrative tasks. A recent global study revealed that a team member could spend nearly two hours quoting and invoicing, identifying the ideal person for the job, updating customers, and managing expenses. 

A fleet management company should have various ways of contacting you. It should also have a digitized system to reduce time spent on administrative duties and enable you to concentrate on the core business areas. If the system's technical aspect is complicated, the fleet management company should adequately train your team.

Does It Provide Financing Options?

If your business is still in the initial stages of operation, you are most likely cash-strapped, and the main objective is to break even. Trying to run a home service business requires a few vehicles, yet you have a limited budget means that buying the car is not an option. It would be best if you opted for a company that provides you with other options such as a lease, and it should be forthcoming with all that leasing entails. 

For instance, if you choose the financial lease, your company manages the fleet while the fleet management company will handle the fleet services if you pick the operational lease. You can get quotations from different fleet management companies to enable you to make an informed decision.

Does It Have Scalability?

Mostly when starting your business, you can only qualify for Micro Fleet but, there will come a day when your business will grow. Scalability, reliability, and flexibility comprise the three pillars of long-term investment for any successful business. Therefore, ensure that the fleet management company you choose to invest in can grow with you.

While these questions are crucial, getting a company that fulfills your checklist can be challenging but not if you look in the right places. Wilmar has been in the industry long enough to become the trusted largest independent leasing and fleet management in the Southeast. Visit us at our headquarters in Charlotte, North Carolina or contact us and let us facilitate your success by providing the best fleet management services.

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