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Reasons to Maintain Your Fleet

Posted by Scott Crawford

maintain your fleet

Though many feel like fleet maintenance is a waste of time, it is really important for the health of your business. 

Even if you are watching every penny that you spend, a regular vehicle maintenance program is needed for your fleet. It is still worth it, even if you have to hire an additional employee to make sure that your fleet is ready to go.  

Here are some reasons why you need to maintain your fleet.

Spot problems early

Many problems with vehicles start slowly. Often, they are not noticed until the problem is so big that is it unavoidable.

These big problems often come with large price tags to fix. A simple leak could ruin the transmission which could cost thousands to repair. Brakes that are left untreated can hurt your tires or even cause a bad accident.

By maintaining your vehicle, you are saving yourself a lot of trouble down the road. It can also lead to a safety issue for your drivers, especially if you let headlights and windshield wipers go bad.

Your drivers are safer

Your drivers are the ones who are keeping your business going. Their safety should be your highest priority.

That being said, if your vehicles are not properly maintained and there is an accident, you can be held liable for negligent entrustment. This basically means that you knew the vehicle was potentially dangerous but you allowed someone to drive it anyway.

It is your responsibility to make sure that the vehicles in your fleet are safe to drive.

Improve mileage

By performing regular maintenance, you can improve the gas mileage for your fleet. One of the best ways to improve your gas mileage is to watch the inflation of your tires. As your tires lose pressure, your gas mileage goes down. With the price of gas, no one can stand to pay more money for gas.

There are other ways to save on gas mileage. Replacing dirty filters (air, fuel, and oil) can really make a difference to the way that your vehicle runs. Exhaust systems can also change your gas mileage.

More time on the road

When your fleet is necessary to get through every day, your business might be in trouble every time that you have a vehicle that breaks down. By maintaining your vehicles properly, you will experience less disruptions to your business.

You will have less breakdowns along the side of the road, which might require tow trucks and lengthy stays in the garage. You also won't have missed appointments due to these breakdowns.

This should also give you less headaches

When you know that your vehicles are performing well, you don't have to worry about your drivers getting to and from their jobs. You don't have to worry about losing jobs because your drivers are not getting where they need to be.

When you know that your vehicles are working, your business will run well. Your drivers are safe and they are getting to and from the jobs that they need to be at. They are on time and not stuck along the side of the road.

By maintaining your fleet, you are providing a safe method of transportation for your business. Even though it costs money, it is worth it. You can find things when they are small and cheaper to cost. You will also save on gas mileage. That, in itself, can really add up and should give you the boost to get a maintanence program started.

Contact us to help you manage your fleet. We would be happy to discuss your maintenance program and see how we can make your life a little easier. 

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