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Signs You Need Fleet Management Software

Posted by Wilmar, Inc.

 You Need Fleet Management Software

If your business operates a fleet, you need a way to keep track of them. From maintenance and drivers to safety and efficiency, there is no limit to the number of factors that can impact the bottom line of your outfits, so it's crucial to know where your fleet stands.

And in this current era of the digital revolution, you need fleet-related metrics to help you track/run your business efficiently. Luckily, fleet management software can help you easily monitor your vehicles from anywhere. The software provides a wealth of historical and real-time data on your fleet's operations, including fuel consumption, vehicle location and status, mileage, driver's behavior, and so on.

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Are you still unsure whether you need fleet management software? Here are five clear indicators:

1. Consistent Failure to Meet Deadlines

Meeting deadlines is essential to keeping your clients happy. If your vehicles are having mechanical issues on the road or continually getting stuck in traffic, they will likely have to reschedule or arrive late, jeopardizing your relationship with clients.

With fleet management software, it's easy to find the most efficient routes and make sure that your drivers stick to them. The software helps you enhance dispatching by pinpointing the vehicle close to the client's location, minimizing the length of the trip, and improving arrival time.

2. Increasing Fuel Costs

According to a study, fuel costs can make up to 24% of a fleet's average marginal costs. That means that every drop counts and anything you do to reduce that cost will result in increased profit margins.

Fleet management software provides tools to help you manage fuel economy, like local gas price identifiers, route optimization, fuel card support, and consumption tracking. These features can make a significant difference to your organization's bottom line when used properly.

3. Recurring Maintenance Issues

Typical wear and tear are natural for vehicles, but regular preventive maintenance is more cost-efficient than making fixes after a disaster strikes. Fleet management software relays diagnostic, location, and performance information, which helps you predict issues before they happen. Handling maintenance issues before they occur helps your outfit to save money on both downtime and fixes.

4. Too Many Accidents

Safe driving is a primary concern for any fleet. This is because road accidents might cost your organization a considerable sum of money in legal cases, damages as well as lost business opportunities. While some accidents are unavoidable, most can be prevented with enhanced driver safety.

A fleet management software can help you track driver performance using metrics like speeding, idle time, braking, and mileage. This data can help you identify unsafe drivers and train them on how to improve. It can also help you direct your drivers on the safest routes.

5. You Take a Lot of Time Trying to Get Fleet Data

Fleet management gets easier when you have all the data you need in one location. If it's hard for you to access the fleet data you need at the time it's required, that's an indicator that you need fleet management software. The software can help you access data on your phone, computer, or tablet from any location at any particular time in one centralized place.


In a data-driven world, using fleet management technology is the most efficient way to lift your business up. Alongside gaining real-time visibility, fleet management software can help you enhance driver performance and satisfaction while reducing fuel usage through accurate reporting and predictive analytics.

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