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The Benefits of a Fleet Tracking App for Landscape Companies

Posted by Wilmar, Inc.


Every landscaping entrepreneur dreams of growing their business. But this expansion means additional equipment and an increasing fleet of vehicles. Along with growth comes the hurdle of tracking staff, equipment, and trucks.

That's where a fleet tracking app for landscape companies comes in. At first glance, GPS vehicle tracking may seem to comprise complex systems for large fleets. But the solutions are easy to use and affordable. You can efficiently keep tabs on all your assets and get real-time insights into their performance.

What Is a Fleet Tracking App?

This term refers to a fleet management application leveraging GPS tracking to monitor the activity of your crew members, equipment, and fleet vehicles. It gathers data from all these via telematics technology. You'll simply attach a tracking device to your vehicle's OBD port to receive data in near-real-time, insights that come in handy when masking strategic decisions.

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In today's economy and the highly competitive landscaping industry, a fleet tracking app for lawn equipment can be among your most helpful technology solutions. Securing a competitive edge means monitoring your assets, seamless fleet communication, delivering top-notch services, and prioritizing efficiency and safety.

How A Fleet Tracking App Benefits Your Business

So how do you stand to gain by integrating a fleet-tracking app? Let's explore.

Fleet Maintenance Insights

Equipment and vehicle maintenance is among the most common challenges for landscaping companies. But a fleet tracking app can prevent downtime and costly repairs by collecting vital data and allowing you to view it at-a-glance. Thus, you'll always know when your vehicles or equipment needs'  maintenance.

Real-Time Safety Alerts

Reliable fleet tracking apps allow you to monitor your crew members' driving practices, ensure their safety, alleviate risk, and limit wear and tear. For example, when you tell someone that you don't like how they drive, they might not understand. But when you tell them, "You've gone over the speed limit three times this week," they'll likely improve.

Optimal Fleet Utilization

Purchasing and maintaining landscaping equipment can be expensive. Tracking your assets' movements gives you visibility into their working hours. Therefore, you'll know which assets to invest in and what you should sell off.

Route Optimization

Route planning is simple if your fleets travel the same routes repetitively. But you'll need route optimization if you use random paths. With a fleet tracking app, you can easily reroute your crew, fleet of vehicles, and assets at a moment's notice. Doing this can cut fuel costs, boost productivity, and improve customer service.

Cost Reduction 

The revolutionary tracking solution offers real-time insights that let you monitor automated time logs and allocate business resources. Thus, you can cut overtime and total labor costs. If a job takes longer than expected, you can reroute other crew members within the location, preventing unnecessary driving or added labor hours. The added efficiency translates to significant cost reduction in the long run.

Theft Recovery

Finally, fleet tracking devices can significantly minimize the potential for asset theft. In case of loss, the technology will boost your chances of recovering any stolen items. The app will send real-time GPS tracking alerts whenever your vehicles or equipment move beyond the pre-established geofence. Therefore, you'll quickly inform law enforcement and equip them with the correct information to help them track your missing asset.

It's Time To Ramp Up Your Fleet Management

Thankfully, you're now equipped with the proper knowledge to overcome fleet management hurdles. But you'll have an easier time working with a reputable fleet leasing and management partner. Fortunately, you're on the right site.

With years of experience working with companies in the landscaping sector, the reputable Wilmar team knows what makes your company tick. Thus, they can design a sound custom fleet solution that aligns with your operations and business goals to propel you forward.

Reach out to us for a free fleet analysis.

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