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The Pros and Cons of Leasing Office Furniture: When is Leasing the Right Answer?

Posted by Wilmar, Inc.

Pros and Cons of Leasing Office Furniture

When your office needs furniture, fast, furniture leasing can be one of the smartest choices in your options. Buying office furniture is a big investment. Desks and chairs are surprisingly expensive when bought en-masse to supply a team. 

Furnishing an entire office space can cost more than your rent, and creating debt at moments of growth is not always a great idea.

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Furniture leasing can be exactly the right idea for your team - or it can lead to fine print fiascos. You may have heard testimonies from both sides of the experience. To help you make the right decision for your current business needs, let's spotlight both the pros and cons of leasing office furniture.


The Benefits of Leasing Office Furniture

Leasing office furniture offers flexibility and is an excellent solution for temporary office arrangements. Leasing also has a different financial profile when managing your revenue and debt assets. The benefits of office leasing spotlight those specific moments when leasing is a smart strategy for your business plans.

  • Expand Rapidly, Invest Carefully

    • Businesses often expand faster than revenue can catch up. After all, you have to build a new service before you can start selling it. You have to reach a new audience before they start buying. If you are expanding your team, you may benefit from leased office furniture before your revenue has time to catch up with the profits of expansion. Furniture rental allows you to expand rapidly when you need to, but without impacting your finances with immediate debt from the purchase.
  • Staffing Temporary Locations

    • Making a big presence at a conference? Handling a big project for a client in another city? You might want to set up temporary office space and, with it, temporary office furniture. Leasing furniture is the perfect solution when you need to operate a temporary office without putting down roots.
  • Equipping Temporary Teams

    • What about temporary teams? Seasonal hires, semester interns, project-based contractors, or teams visiting from another location will need somewhere to sit - even if you don't need the same count of desks and chairs all year long. Office furniture leasing can allow you to adapt your current office space for a flexible number of temporary team members.
  • Try Before You Buy

    • Not sure what your office's ideal furniture design will be? Leasing office furniture provides a try-before-you-buy experience where you can explore a few different models and designs of office furniture, then choose to buy the ones that worked best for your teams and aesthetics.
  • Leasing to Own, When It's Right

    • Some businesses start by leasing for financial reasons but want the furniture permanently. The right lease-to-own contract can be beneficial in this way. 


The Risks of Leasing Office Furniture

Why are we talking pros and cons? Furniture leasing is not always the right answer, and leasing businesses are not always on your side. There is an unusually high-risk factor when it comes to furniture leasing, it's not for plug-and-play business managers. You'll need to work with a reputable team and read the fine print to truly benefit from your furniture leasing strategy.

  • Damaged or Defective; Who is Responsible?

    • Watch out for damage clauses. Ideally, the furniture leasing company would replace a broken desk, but they might charge you a hefty fee instead. Make sure your leasing solution is beneficial to the company and takes into account that accidents - and already flawed furniture - can happen. Don't accept a disadvantageous contract or damaged furniture on arrival.
  • Bad-Apple Leasing Companies

    • Watch out for bad-apple companies. Many furniture leasing brands are building contracts designed to help businesses and individuals by accessing the furniture they need. But some use the system to create bad contracts, financially disadvantageous deals, and may even maneuver to force an overpriced lease-to-own by preventing furniture returns. Know you are working with a trustworthy leasing company before you sign the contract.
  • When the Solution Doesn't Fit Your Needs

    • Finally, make sure your furniture leasing terms meet your needs. Make sure the lease is the right length of time, provides furniture that is guaranteed to be of good quality and repair, and that everything will fit in your office when assembled. These little problems can be easily avoided with a little forethought to get the most from your furniture leasing plan.


Is leasing office furniture an effective strategy? It can be if the lease suits your needs and you are working with a reputable leasing company. If you think that leased office furniture is the right solution for your current business circumstances or plans, contact us and we will help you facilitate a trustworthy, beneficial furniture lease for your office.

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