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5 Signs Your Fleet Needs a Truck Leasing Program

Posted by Wilmar, Inc.

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Having a fleet of business vehicles and buying a fleet of business vehicles are, surprisingly, not always the same thing. Many businesses keep their fleet flexible by leasing the vehicles they need year-to-year. This is not just good for changing out models regularly, it's also great for your business credit and operating capital which do not take the hit from a large vehicle purchase.

Most people think of commercial vehicle leasing as upgrading shiny town cars regularly, but truck leasing programs are actually in even higher demand than sedans and luxury vehicles.

After all, trucks make the business world go 'round. Would your business fleet run more smoothly with truck leasing?

Could you accomplish more and achieve your goals more quickly leasing a few trucks rather than outright buying what you need?

Let's take a look at the five clearest signs that your business could make good use of a truck leasing program.

1) Your Fleet Needs the Latest Trucks and Regular Upgrades

Some businesses do better with the latest vehicles released rather than buying a fleet vehicle and allowing it to age with the company.

Maybe you need the latest safety features both on the job and to assure customers that you have the best safety in the business.

Or maybe you need that unique cross-over between impressing execs with cutting-edge luxury and having trucks for the work.

Either way, leasing allows you to upgrade your truck models year-on-year without the hassle and depreciation of buying, selling, and buying again.

2) You Need Fleet Trucks But Don't Have the Garage Space or Personnel to Maintain Them

Small businesses and businesses in highly dense city centers sometimes don't have the facilities to take care of the fleet they need. It is very common to have parking garage or lot space but no space to perform regular maintenance.

When your business needs trucks that are worked hard and need constant maintenance to provide safety and performance, leased trucks can come with maintenance and upkeep services that ensure you are always working with a well-performing fleet.

3) You Need a Fleet of Trucks But Don't Have the Capital or Credit to Buy Them

Startups and small businesses that need trucks are among those most financially benefitted by a truck leasing program.

You don't need tens-of-thousands to several hundred thousand in liquid spending power or to seriously cut into your business credit to start providing fleet services.

With leased trucks, you pay a much smaller amount year-on-year to make use of trucks that are kept in good condition and allow you to upgrade when it's time. Without taking a huge bite out of your credit or operating capital.

4) You Need Trucks This Year, But Maybe Not Next Year

Another interesting business circumstance that benefits from truck leasing is when a business only needs trucks temporarily.

Maybe you're building something, experimenting with a service, or spending a year transitioning between office locations.

Whatever the reason, if your business needs trucks this year but may not need those same trucks next year or five years from now, leasing is far superior to buying because you only keep the trucks for as long as you need them without paying full-price or worrying about the reselling process.

5) You Are Not Sure Which Trucks You Need for a New Business Model

Finally, a truck leasing program gives you the opportunity to 'try before you buy'. If your company is new or you're trying out a new business model involving company trucks, it's common to not know initially which model of truck or features will suit your needs best.

Not only will a truck leasing service help you select the best trucks based on your described needs, but you can play 'musical trucks' year-on-year to try out how different models and designs suit your purposes.

When you find the perfect truck, you can keep leasing for flexibility or then choose to buy when the time is right.


Truck leasing is an incredibly practical choice for both finances and business logistics in many modern circumstances.

Whether you need flexibility in your fleet composition or are looking for ways to provide service without a huge initial vehicle investment, Wilmar Inc. is proud to provide you with the best quality truck leasing available.

We will help you choose the right trucks, keep your fleet trucks in good repair, and even assist with your fleet management needs. And when it's time to make a change, we'll be right there to help you pick your next trucks to lease or build your ideal permanent fleet to buy.

Contact us today to find out more about our truck leasing program customized to your business needs.

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