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Vehicle Tracking Terms You Need to Know

Posted by Wilmar, Inc.


Today, vehicle tracking is a common word to many car owners. Ever since the innovation of car tracking, companies have been using it to safeguard their mobile possessions. There're many benefits realized when businesses use vehicle tracking systems in their fleet of vehicles.  

You may have come across terms that appeared new when searching for the ideal telematics system for your vehicle tracking. Nevertheless, it's crucial to find a service provider that meets your entire car tracking preferences.

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Check out the main terms that you might come across and their meaning while in search of the most appropriate telematics system.


When looking for a telematics system, you'll almost certainly come across the term "installation." Installation is the method of putting a tracking unit in your automobile. The process consumes a small amount of time when done by an expert.

SIM Card

The international mobile user identity (IMSI) number and its private key, which are used to identify and verify users on mobile devices, are stored on an integrated circuit. One is used in tracking units to gather and communicate GPS data, while the other is used on mobile devices to identify and verify subscribers. One is included in tracking equipment to receive and transfer GPS information.

Tracking Device

This is a gadget that is set up in a car and linked to the ignition, power source, and OBD port. Some vehicle tracking systems have a GPRS modem and SIMCARD for transferring information to the main database. The automobile data collected is normally transmitted to your fleet management provider in a matter of minutes.


Cars have a self-diagnostic port that is found under the dashboard of the driver. The port is used by engineers to know and identify mechanical problems for efficient fleet maintenance and repair.


An accelerometer is a gadget that is utilized to measure the deceleration and acceleration of a car while moving. Research has found that the use of telematics systems in vehicles is a way of improving safety on the road.

Driver ID

A key fob attached to a dashboard reader connected to a tracking system is used to assign information to a certain driver. Vehicle leasing companies and other organizations with a fleet of vehicles use Driver ID to give the driver a special key fob to register them in the automobile. The unit proceeds to capture and record all the journey-specific information.


Idling is the situation where a car engine is running with no motion. For example, when a traffic light indicates red and your car stops for a while.   


Eco-driving involves the art of energy-efficient driving that helps lessen the consumption of fuel, minimize idling, and make the most of fuel efficiency. Organizations that employ eco-driving, experience substantial savings in terms of car maintenance and consumption of fuel. This procedure improves an organization's safety and efficiency.

IFTA Calculator

When filing IFTA taxes, an IFTA calculator is used to calculate all taxable gallons. Miles covered in every IFTA jurisdiction are recorded by a tracking device. The calculator establishes how many gallons are taxable after the overall purchase is done in the specified time and recorded.


Geofencing defines the setting up of essential perimeters around a particular geographic location. You can set rules for your established geofencing zones. Geofencing alerts you in real-time when the rules are broken.

Privacy Mode

Privacy mode can be used to allow clients to decide when to track their cars or not. Privacy Mode has periods when no monitoring is done or no location data is collected especially when the car is for personal use.


A site is any locality a car stops or starts. You can set up custom locations for places that are frequently visited. The reports will reveal the selected name instead of the address.


Telematics is any gadget that combines data acquisition and telecommunications. From navigation systems to GPS systems, the device has it all.


This is a technique where information is gathered in inaccessible areas and sent to the receiving equipment.


A stop is a term used to refer to the situation when a car is not moving for some time due to some reasons.


A trip is estimated from when there's departure to the point of arrival. When the car has stopped for a specific amount of time, a break in the trip will be recorded showing "Stopped with the engine on" in the reports.

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