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What Factors to Consider When Researching a Fleet Management Partner

Posted by Wilmar, Inc.

Fleet Management Partner

When first starting out, many fleet companies work internally to operate with the resources and infrastructure they need to manage their vehicles.


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This will allow you to focus more on your primary goal of serving your customers. Not all fleet management partners are equal.


What to Look For in your New Potential Fleet Management Partner

Some factors to take into consideration when you're researching a new potential fleet management partner are:

1. Fleet Maintenance Management

Efficient fleet managers can do their job effectively because they use efficient fleet management software. These solutions can help your fleet operate smoothly while preventing vehicle breakdowns in the first place. While roadside assistance is always an important factor to consider, preventing problems in the first place can be far more convenient and less expensive.

Working with a fleet management partner who uses fleet management software that can provide real-time fault monitoring can help you track numerous potential issues in your vehicles. Also, if there is a problem, the software will alert you the minute the problem occurs, catching the problem while it's still insignificant and before it becomes expensive to repair. This can provide you with substantial cost savings for your fleet operation.


2. Service-Match

You'll want to take note of all the fleet services you'll require and which types of vehicles you already have in your inventory. Then, you'll want to ensure the fleet management partner has experience with both the services and the vehicles you're seeking.


3. Experience

When deciding on a fleet management partner, you'll want to make sure you select one that has the proper industry experience. Partnering with professionals in the field allows you to benefit from their experience and will assure you they're using the best practices and the best technology.

When you have issues in your business, you want to know the partner that is supporting your operation understands the problems and how important it is to resolve them.


4. Compliance Solutions

Fleet managers work in a regulation-rich atmosphere. And, since there are always changing regulations, you'll want to work with a fleet management partner that can take this regulation burden off your plate.


5. Customer Service

To have a successful relationship with your fleet management partner, it will rely on communication between the two of you. You'll want to ensure you have several lines of communication with them. You'll want to learn if they can provide you with a primary point of contact or an account manager to handle your fleet. 

Also, you'll want to ensure they can provide your team with adequate training. Part of this training should include how to use their GPS tracking platform for your fleet. This software should be able to provide your fleet team with real-time updates and you should be able to use any device to manage your fleet vehicles from acquisition to disposal. They should also display your profitability and costs of your fleet.


6. Driver Safety

One study shows driver safety is a top concern and priority (21%) for fleet managers. Because driver safety is most important to you, you should then be able to expect to be of top priority to your fleet management partner too.

They should take a data-driven approach to driver safety, which has been shown to not only improve driver safety but also reduce overall costs. 

Driver performance reporting is a useful tool that could help you monitor your drivers' behavior and identify any unsafe driving behavior. This can help improve driver safety because you can quickly correct driver behavior before it leads to an accident. This approach is not only crucial for your drivers' safety, it could also help reduce legal liabilities and high insurance costs.

It will take some time to choose the right fleet management partner. Doing your due diligence, however, will go a long way to ensuring the efficiency of your fleet company.

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