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Why Are Most Company Fleet Vehicles White?

Posted by Wilmar, Inc.

Fleet Vehicles White

Despite the steadfast revolution in the automotive industry from electric mobility to digitization, choosing the right color hasn't changed when buying a vehicle.

Even for most fleets, color choice has long-term implications in the bottom line. It could be economic factors, psychological factors or long-term remarketing concerns. In fact, color is among the most emotional and individualized of all the styling elements.

However, some colors are more favored than others in automotive sector — color white tops for almost a decade. This is no surprise since white is the number one color for most fleet vehicles in the U.S. People used to frown upon white color because they thought it appeared tacky.

Why did popular opinion change? Nowadays, white color is very desirable to many particularly fleet companies.

Why are most company fleet vehicles white?

Even though fleet managers can order vehicles of any shade or color they like, most organizations have the 'white color' norm. Whether (or not) some knew when buying and painting their fleet's cars, the hidden meanings and psychology behind colors greatly influenced their decisions.  

Resale value

Remarketing vehicles ability is an essential aspect of how to select fleet cars. Choosing the wrong vehicle color could make a difference between acquiring top dollars or bids and disappointment at auction.

Thus, a fleet manager should overtime track colors that not only have staying power but also are popular over several years. It's because popular colors — like white — will definitely bring more resale value than the outdated or unpopular shades.

White paint offers a clear display

White fleet cars allow bright graphics display for text or logos. Most white backgrounds have a nice contrast to all colors making the branding attractive.

The color of your fleet vehicles brands you and your company image. Also, it makes objects look larger, giving fleet cars more visibility to motorists and even pedestrians. This increases safety for both the driver and others in the vicinity.

Reflective factor

White is a reflective color, keeping the car itself as well as the content inside (like electronics, foods or other heat-sensitive things) cooler. Some colors like Dark paint attract more heat and might pose a negative impact on the vehicle contents inside, including the driver in hot weathers.

Most fleet managers, especially those operating in regions that experience higher temperatures, prefer white-painted vehicles due to less heat.

Cost-friendly paint

Cost efficiency is among the essential factors for most manufacturers' painting process. Most companies use titanium dioxide additive, a cost-effective pigment that offers a vibrant and opaque finish. Cost-friendly materials that offer the needed function ultimately are winning materials for both manufacturers and buyers.

Most fleet managers go for the best products that will achieve maximum productivity at the lowest cost possible. And white vehicles have lower purchase costs and are easy to maintain.

The bonus point

Although white is strikingly popular across the world, certain colors might be great for small- or medium-sized cars but not fit for executive or full-sized ones.

Thus, it's essential to go for vibrant color codes based on your geographic location. You want to balance your convenience and branding in your fleet management business.


So why are most company fleet vehicles white? White is bright, pure and welcomes a fresh start that's full of opportunities. Nothing can stop your company from using eco-friendly paint that instills clean and unique brand identity.

We can't argue that color choice is exceedingly individualized and expresses how fleet companies want to be seen by their customers. The classic is still classic: white color is a big seller to your fleet company. White is for value! For more information feel free to contact us today!

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