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Why Local, Hands-On Account Management Makes Sense for Fleets

Posted by Wilmar, Inc.


Business fleet services go beyond helping you choose and acquire vehicles. Fleet services expand into vehicle maintenance, fleet management, and fleet building strategy. 

From month to month, the quality of your fleet services depends a lot on the availability of your account manager and your access to passive services. To accomplish this, you need a local fleet management office and an account manager who can provide local, hands-on care.

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The Benefits of Local Fleet Services

What is the difference between remote and local fleet services? The biggest difference is that your fleet is live and in-person. It's rolling over local roads, building up wear-and-tear, and requiring maintenance right where you are. Your fleet services account management should take place where your fleet is.

Even if you have signed up for virtual services like fleet software and live data tracking, the care and management of your fleet happen in person. Your mechanic can't skype in to provide maintenance and similarly. Your drivers can't phone in their piloting task from home Just so, your fleet account management should take place in person where the fleet is solid and real.

At the same time, live access to your account manager means easier conference and a better chance that they are on your same page. A fleet manager at a distance can all too easily provide the same advice to every client. A fleet manager in person can see your business model, examine your fleet, and truly understand your vehicle management needs.


Why Fleets Need Hands-On Management

A fleet is a physical asset. Less than most company property, a fleet can't really be digitized and managed through a dashboard app. It's true, dashboard apps and GPS tracking do streamline fleet management. But every fleet needs hands-on attention from the bottom of the tires to the tip of the antenna. If you have a fleet management service, your account manager should be accessible and meet the fleet in person on a regular basis. 

Fleets need hands-on maintenance and inspection. It takes time with a vehicle to tell how well it is aging and its potential for future service. Depending on the extent of your fleet services, your fleet manager may actually coordinate your vehicle maintenance or provide oversight on your daily software fleet management features like GPS and driver tracking. And if something goes wrong, a hands-on fleet manager is there to fix it.

Fleet Details that are Lost at a Distance

Vehicle fleets look too similar at a distance. The subtle difference between each vehicle and its maintenance needs can be lost without detailed reports and communication. Even so, the fleet requires hands-on care and experts to enter the right reports for remote fleet management to work.

If you've ever had your fleet account management happen at a distance, you may have noticed generic fleet advice and nonspecific maintenance calendars instead of the vehicle-by-vehicle attentive care that occurs when your account management is local and hands-on.

Working with Your Fleet Management Service

Is your current fleet management local, remote, or non-existent? A commercial fleet deserves attention and benefits from fine-tuned fleet management. When your fleet management services are lacking, the fleet can slowly run down and new fleet selections may not suit your needs. Here at Wilmar, we are dedicated to providing the highest quality of fleet services with locations widely available so your account management is always local and hands-on. 

For expert, local, and hands-on fleet service and account management, you can count on, contact us today! We look forward to building and maintaining your company's ideal vehicle fleet.

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