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Why Summer is the Time to Upgrade Your Fleet Technology

Posted by Wilmar, Inc.


Summer is fast approaching, and while this means clear skies, ample sunshine, and time outdoors, it also means business downtime. For savvy businesses, this presents the perfect opportunity to enhance business operations, optimize processes, maintain fleets, and analyze strategies.

One of the key areas companies should enhance during the slow summer months is their fleet technology. Using the latest fleet technology innovations ensures you can keep track of everything, limit breakdowns, increase safety, and minimize vehicle downtime.

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In this article, we discuss why summer is the time to upgrade your fleet technology.

Reasons to Upgrade in Summer

Knowing when to upgrade your company's fleet technology can be difficult since your vehicles are always in use. However, summer is an ideal time because of many reasons, including:

1. Minimal Disruption to Business Activities

Most people, including employees and clients, go on vacation during summer to enjoy the warm weather and sunshine. As a result, workloads and vehicle usage tend to decrease. With fewer drivers operating your fleet and vehicles spending more time parked than on the roads, you can upgrade your fleet technology with minimal disruption to business activities

Taking advantage of this time when your vehicles aren't on the road ensures you can avoid impending business activities.

2. Enough Time

Summer months give your business more than enough time to upgrade its fleet technology. Since business won't pick up until fall, you have ample time to identify your fleet needs, assess new technologies and upgrades, install them, and implement training on their use. This way, you avoid last-minute rushes that can result in costly mistakes for your business. 

Upgrading your fleet technology in summer also gives you time to determine which devices, operating systems, and apps are right for your fleet. This guarantees you have the right fleet technology to improve the productivity and output of your vehicles.

3. Employee Training Opportunities

As mentioned earlier, summer months give you ample time to upgrade your fleet technology, and this includes training your employees on its use. You can effectively educate and train your drivers on the new technology, so by the time business ramps up, they're familiar with and well-adjusted to the updates. This goes a long way in preventing hiccups, downtimes, and issues when your business is at its peak.

Summer is also a great time for employee training as they're more likely to concentrate and learn. The slow business frees up more time in their schedule, which they can use to develop to increase their competencies by learning new fleet technology. 

4. Be Well-Equipped for Busy Months

The busy months after summer can take a toll on your vehicles and fleet operations if you don't upgrade its technology. The last thing you want is to halt or postpone deliveries and other services because your fleet has outdated technology. Staying on top of your fleet's technology ensures driving is easier, safer, and more productive.

Since business is quieter in the summer months, take time to upgrade your fleet technology with innovations that benefit your business. This way, your fleet is well-equipped and can handle the influx of business once summer is over.


Summer is an ideal time to upgrade your fleet technology because your vehicles are less active, business is slow, and most people are on vacation. However, you can upgrade your fleet's technology at any time, depending on what time of the year your business experiences downtime and when employees take vacation time.

What's vital is to upgrade to improve fleet tracking, monitoring, and performance. If you need help with fleet management and want to learn more about upgrading your fleet's technology, get in touch with Wilmar today.

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