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Does My Startup Need a Micro Fleet?

Posted by Wilmar, Inc.


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It can be a great way for your business to gain traction. However, the initial costs of obtaining a vehicle fleet could produce some anxiety for business owners. 

If your start-up still has a small customer base, you may not have the funds for an entire vehicle fleet. That's why Wilmar is offering start-up owners a new solution: micro fleets.

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What is a Micro Fleet?

If your business is still growing, you may have a hard time justifying leasing a fleet of one dozen vehicles. A micro fleet offers small companies anywhere between 1-5 vehicles.

You can also consult a fleet manager to will help you decide which vehicle is perfect for your business. Micro fleets are perfect for both start-up owners and their employees. 

Once your company grows, you'll also have the option to upgrade to a larger fleet. No matter how big or small your fleet is, you'll still get top-notch fleet management services and financing options. We understand that growing your business is your first priority, which is why we take care of the groundwork.

Does my Startup Really Need a Micro Fleet?

When you lease or buy a micro fleet, it could benefit your business in many ways:


You may have already promoted your business by posting an online ad or printing paper flyers. However, if your business is in a competitive market, it's likely to get buried among ads for businesses with more customers. A micro fleet with your company's logo printed on it can draw more attention to your business.

A branded company vehicle is an essential advertising tool. A fleet leasing company can help you customize your fleet with unique vehicle graphics. You may be able to attract new customers just by driving the vehicle around your neighborhood!

Serving Your Customers

Home delivery is an important option for many customers, especially if your small business specializes in food. Ordering online and having products delivered has become the preferred option for many customers. Some clients may not own their own cars or have physical limitations that prevent them from going out.

If your start-up doesn't offer home delivery, you may be missing out on potential sales. With a micro fleet, you'll be able to provide your customers with the products they need and encourage repeat business. 


Even if your start-up doesn't involve the delivery of physical goods, that doesn't mean it will never need a car. Having a business vehicle is essential for making house calls or attending meetings with important clients. Public transportation is only an option if your business is located in a big city.

Car rentals and rideshare services can quickly become expensive. With your own fleet car, you'll be able to get to essential meetings on time. Having a dedicated fleet also saves current and future employees the hassle of using their own cars for work purposes.

Flexible Pricing and Discounts

First-time fleet owners usually haven't considered whether they should lease or buy a fleet. That's why getting your fleet through a dedicated fleet leasing company is so essential. A fleet company will offer different financing options based on your budget. One great thing about leasing is that there's always the option to buy once the lease has ended.

With a micro fleet, your company is more likely to grow and need additional vehicles. When you upgrade to a larger fleet, you'll be eligible for large volume discounts, fleet management, and repair programs.

At Wilmar, we make fleet selection and management as simple as possible. To learn more about micro fleets, please contact us today.

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