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7 Reasons Why Fleet Leasing is Better For Your Business

Posted by Wilmar, Inc.

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When operating a fleet-centered business, like any business venture, your goal is to control the bottom line while providing necessary services to stay on top of the business. 

Purchasing outright may not be a possibility or even the best financial move to grow your business. Leasing from the right company will let you run fleet vehicles with state-of-the-art technology; in a worry-free environment; leaving you free to focus on other aspects of the business.  Unexpected business trends may require unplanned vehicle additions, upgrades, or deletions. Leasing is the ideal option for anyone who wants:

1. Help! (Special assistance and guidance from the fleet leasing company.)

When you choose a fleet leasing company; you're relying on their expertise. A good company has experience in the field and understands your needs and concerns. In fact, they've probably been there before and can suggest solutions based on past successes. A solid company can assist you with the day-to-day details of running a fleet-centered business. Why wouldn't you rely on an expert for something so important?

2. Adaptability! (Accommodate changing business needs.)

As your business evolves; your fleet requirements will change. Leasing a fleet vehicle is a shorter-term commitment than purchasing. As your company grows you may develop different needs; want to try new ideas, or need to add equipment. You can accommodate your new situation easily. The shorter than buying lease period is perfect for short-term business projections and planning.

3. Budget-savvy! (Predictable monthly payments.)

You can design a fleet lease with options and services that are unique to your business. There are several fleet financing options available. If you want to track and control fuel expenses, schedule vehicle registration tracking, or reduce out-of-pocket costs with maintenance service; it's all there and can be included in a personalized package for a set, monthly payment. You've set it up; now stop worrying about details. Just relax and make your payment. 

4. Fluid operations! (Decreased downtime and increased productivity.)

The uncluttered experience of a leasing option can provide for services such as vehicle title and registration monitoring and maintenance operations such as tire rotations and oil changes. Unexpected repairs? There is less operator stress and more financial control when you can issue a repair card to put an end to driver out-of-pocket and reimbursement.

5. Choices! (You haven't lost the opportunity to purchase.)

The option to buy still exists at the end of the lease; making your lease more like an extended test drive. With the right leasing company, if you love the vehicle(s) after the lease is satisfied, you may opt to purchase off-lease.

6. Current Technology! (It's more than just following trends; it's imperative.)

Leasing allows you to upgrade your technology and other options each time a lease is satisfied. With the looming Electronic Logging Device (ELD) mandate, for example, you can upgrade to trucks with ELDs already in place. You can lease a more current vehicle, tweak the technology (and other) options you want, and keep moving forward. In this way, the business drives the fleet; not the other way around.

7. Financial acumen! (Isn't that what your business is about?)

There may be tax advantages to leasing vehicles. Set monthly payments let you control your company cash flow. Services such as vehicle registration and title monitoring will save you the costs of penalties and fines. Covered repairs can take the bite out of unexpected expenses and will ease the trauma of breakdown; letting your drivers get back on the road more quickly. Decreased downtime translates to increased productivity, happier drivers, and satisfied customers. And your company can avoid owning a piece of equipment that isn't used or has become obsolete with the disposal options available in your leasing package.

Leave the worries to us! Whether your fleet is 1 or 100, Wilmar Fleet Leasing is your fleet leasing expert! We have been working in YOUR best interest since 1980. Contact us today!

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