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Fleet Driver Safety: What Your Drivers Need to Know About Accidents

Posted by Wilmar, Inc.

Fleet Driver Safety

Every year, thousands of drivers are involved in car accidents, whether it's something as minor as getting into a fender bender or something as serious as getting into an accident that sends someone to the hospital.

 If you have trucks on your fleet and drivers who drive them regularly, it's important to ensure your drivers know what to do in the event of an accident — and that they understand how to be safe on the road.

Are Fleet Drivers More Likely to Get Into Car Accidents?

According to Automotive Fleet Magazine, fleet drivers have a higher accident rate than other drivers. But why is this?

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Fleet drivers drive more miles yearly than other drivers and often have to drive long hours. They are also in a rush to get to their next destination, so they may not take as much care on the road. These factors can lead to accidents and make fleet drivers more likely to get into accidents.

What to Do if You Get into a Car Accident in Your Fleet Car

If you get into a car accident in your fleet car, you might be worried about the financial impact of the accident. Fortunately, there are things you can do to minimize your liability in the event of an accident.

Check yourself for injuries and call 911 immediately

If you get into a car accident in your fleet car, you want to ensure that everyone involved gets checked for injuries and calls 911 immediately.

The reason is simple: if you're injured in a car accident, you could be at risk of severe injuries or even death if you don't seek medical attention immediately.

Do not move your vehicle unless it is necessary

The first thing you should do after a car accident is to stop moving your vehicle. It's important to stay calm and assess the situation so that you can get the help you need. If it's safe for you to move, do so slowly and carefully so as not to put yourself or others at risk.

Notify your work office

If you get into a car accident in your company car, call your work office as soon as possible. They will know what to do and how to handle the claim.

Give a detailed account of the accident to law enforcement

When dealing with law enforcement, it's important to give them as much information as possible about what happened when you were in the accident. If possible, take pictures of the scene and any injuries or damages as soon as possible after the accident so that they can be used as evidence later on if needed by law enforcement officials investigating this incident.

Fleet driver safety tips

Safety is a top priority for every driver and fleet owner. Here are some safety tips to keep in mind when you're behind the wheel:

  • Ensure you're familiar with your vehicle's controls before taking it on the road. Call your car dealership or mechanic if you can't figure out how to operate them.
  • Don't tailgate other vehicles, and don't drive too close behind them. You can block their vision and cause accidents if you're too close to another vehicle.
  • Don't let anyone who has been drinking or using drugs ride with you. This can lead to reckless driving and accidents that could injure or kill them and themselves.
  • Always wear your seat belt when driving your vehicle, even if it's just riding around town with friends or family members who aren't wearing theirs.
  • Avoid distractions – Never drive while distracted by anything other than what must be done while driving. Distractions can cause drivers to lose control of their vehicles and lead to accidents or crashes. If you're on the phone, don't take calls while driving and keep any personal items out of sight to avoid distractions as much as possible.

Bottom line

Knowledge is the key to reducing accidents and keeping your fleet safe on the road. For this reason, you should do everything in your power as a fleet owner to ensure that all your drivers know how to prevent accidents. Keeping your drivers informed is only step one, though—ensuring they follow through on what they know is another story.

That's why you'll want to keep an eye on how they're driving and see if there's a need for any corrective actions. Drivers are the eyes and ears of your business. While technology can help, there's really nothing better than having a driver with a keen sense of knowledge about their surroundings—and the drive ahead.

If you need help with your fleet management, call us today.

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