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Getting the Most From Your Fleet Vehicle GPS

Posted by Scott Crawford


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Over the last two decades, vehicle technology has progressed in astounding leaps and bounds. We have gone from road map atlases to printed directions to live turn-by-turn mobile navigation devices. Divers can communicate with HQ hands-free, reprogram their routes with voice commands, and catch hit-and-run license plates automatically. 

However, of all the amazing things that modern vehicle technology can do if you choose to install it, one of the most versatile features is the simple satellite GPS.

With something as uncomplicated as a single GPS device that connects to the cell networks and local Bluetooth, you can provide your drivers, your fleet management HQ, and even your passengers with an impressive variety of features and conveniences.

What you can do with nothing but an accurate location read is truly amazing and once you install a GPS, your business has every reason to take full advantage of the available perks.

Multi-Device Precise Navigation

The first and most obvious benefit of a specialized GPS device is providing the highest accuracy navigation to your drivers.

Whether you use special industry navigation apps or Google Maps on mounted phones and tablets, a Bluetooth-capable GPS device can provide the car's precise location to multiple navigation devices throughout the car. This provides better navigation data than a phone's little included GPS and allows for use of larger devices that would usually rely on the far less accurate WiFi locational system.

Because the GPS can serve more than one device, this not only equips the driver with precise navigation, it also allows a passenger to accurately supply navigator assistance and even lets your passengers 'tune in' if they want to track their progress on their own mobile devices.

A Live 'Where's My Car?' Passenger App Feature

Of course, if your GPS is sending its data over a cell network from an internal or vehicle hotspot, you can provide a lot more data than just to the driver and their passengers.

One of the best modern features for many business apps that passenger transportation or delivery services is the ability to see exactly where your driver is in the process of getting to your stop. Providing your passengers and clients with an app that allows them to 'find' the car they're expecting can do a lot to lengthen patience and soothe irritation.

Let's say a car meant to take an exec to the airport is five minutes late. No doubt, your passenger is agitated and worried so they check in to your passenger app or web page.

From here, they can view a live map of exactly where their car is and see that the vehicle is only a few streets away but waiting to turn left across a busy boulevard. Having been stuck at that light many times themselves, they greet the worried driver with a sympathetic joke instead of an angry tirade.

Tracking Your Fleet From HQ

Of course, even more importantly than informing your passengers of their vehicle location is being able to track each vehicle back at headquarters.

Wherever your fleet management office is located, a specialized GPS device in every vehicle can allow you to not only review dash cam and OBS data when cars return but track exactly where they go, when, and even why throughout the day. This can help you coordinate services with the drivers, catch unusual driver behaviors, and even render precise assistance should a driver wind up needing roadside services due to a flat or worse.

Every business fleet needs a unique combination of vehicle technology for the drivers, passengers, and you the fleet managers.

Whether you are delivering people, packages, or just highly confidential messages, a GPS can help your drivers navigate, clients and passengers relax, and help you take the best possible care of every person and vehicle involved. For more fleet management tips, techniques, and assistance please contact us today!

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