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Fleet Tracking Is Beneficial for Both Company and Drivers

Posted by Scott Crawford

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Although fleet tracking has been available for some time many companies are just beginning to use this technology. Drivers tend to balk at fleet tracking as they do not understand how it benefits them. Therefore, myths arise which causes friction between management and employees. 

Drivers are concerned that the company doesn't trust them to effectively operate a vehicle, and that management is monitoring speed and route with the intent to terminate drivers if they go too fast or deviate from their planned course.

The best way to end the myths is to educate drivers on the many uses of fleet tracking devices through a meeting that demonstrates how it works and why it increases productivity and efficiency for everyone. 

Ease Driver Responsibility And Eliminate Human Error

When a company knows where every vehicle of its fleet is located, dispatchers can quickly and competently send or call for help if the vehicle is in an accident, has a breakdown, or if a theft is in progress. The driver knows that assistance is on the way and is able to handle the situation better at the scene.

Real time driving information allows dispatch and the driver to find a safe alternative route in the case of road construction, accidents, road hazards, and bad weather.

Getting lost en route to a destination is no longer an issue with fleet tracking. Drivers hook up their Bluetooth device to the tracking system so they are able to have visual access to maps on their mobile phones or electronic tablets as well as audio navigation. They can also check if bridges and underpasses can accommodate their vehicle's weight and height.

Routes and mileage are recorded so paperwork is eliminated and compliant reports and logs are generated for DOT and IRS records. 

Reduce Fuel Costs 

Excessive speed and prolonged idle times are the biggest cause of rising fuel consumption. Encourage drivers to help reduce fuel costs through a reward system. Tracking system reports show drivers what areas they need to improve on. The possibility of a cash bonus or a gift card for a local business will keep drivers alert to their speed and idle time practices. 

Boost Safe Driving

A driver reward system that includes safe driving habits is beneficial to both company and driver. A good fleet tracking software will send immediate alerts on harsh driving events such as quick starts, tight cornering, and hard braking. Drivers are given safety scores based on their performance. 


Keeping a maintenance schedule is one of the areas companies have difficulties in. Choose a fleet tracking software that automates maintenance schedules, logs, and reports. This phases out redundancy and oversight of needed repairs and drivers no longer have to worry about their vehicle upkeep.

Additionally, a system that determines utilization based on engine hours is a cost savings measure. The utilization report lets you know if the vehicle is under or over used. 

Improved Customer Service

Businesses that deal directly with passengers, such as charter bus companies, often find that their drivers are neglecting the customer service aspect of their duties. If they are constantly looking for directions, getting lost, or arrive late because of road hazards, they face the anger and frustration of their passengers.

Often they will react in kind. Since fleet tracking assists with these problems, drivers are more likely to arrive at pick up points on time. If they are going to be late and dispatch is able to monitor the problem, the customer can be called and notified of an estimated time of arrival. Operational efficiencies are improved and the customer receives quality service. 

Communicating with drivers and showing them how fleet tracking improves their skills stops the myths and improve management-employee relations while increasing cost savings. To learn more about cost savings or our fleet tracking systems contact us.


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