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Why Local, Hands-On Account Management Makes Sense for Fleets

Posted by Scott Crawford

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The thought of outsourcing your fleet management duties might sound foreign if you've never done it before. After years of doing things the same, though, you may finally realize you need to do something to improve your account management. In recent years, you've maybe had trouble keeping things organized because your company has so many different locations.

Bringing more accountability and transparency should become a major goal if you've run into roadblocks on both, leading to irked drivers. Connecting better to your drivers so they know what's going on is vital to prevent turnover. Outsourcing helps with this in more ways than one.

Why Outsourcing is Becoming a Major Solution

Since fleet management involves controlling costs, increasing productivity, bringing efficiency to vehicle acquisition, fuel management, and compliance, it's easy to see how mistakes could occur. When you have to manage multiple locations for a statewide (or even national) fleet, managing your accounts can become a real burden.

You should never feel too proud to outsource because it's going to give you industry expertise you possibly can't afford to acquire in your company. With budget cuts, it could mean cutting some of your most efficient employees.

By outsourcing, you don't have to worry about taking control away from your company. You'll simply be getting an experienced team helping you become more organized without having to spend a fortune.

Taking on Account Management

If you're at a point where you can't properly manage accounts for your drivers, you'll need outsourcing to ensure the safety of your drivers.  Without properly managing accounts, maintenance issues on your fleet trucks could fall through the cracks, leading to potential accidents.

The same goes with keeping up with license and title renewals so your drivers won't drive illegally.  Dealing with fuel cards and vehicle disposal are just as important, something a quality outsourcing company does for you.

Account Management on a Local Level

It helps when you can manage your fleet management accounts on a more local basis. One reason is being able to more conveniently maintain your vehicles so you don't have to send your trucks to a remote location.

Having maintenance done locally helps spot problems early in your vehicles so they don't have sudden breakdowns on the road later. You'll improve mileage on your trucks doing things this way, not including saving gas driving to a maintenance center.  To improve efficiency over the lifecycle of your vehicles, this is an important step in why you need to outsource on a local level.

Hands-On Account Management

When you outsource on a local basis, you'll also get hands-on help so you'll have consultants available on-site.  As Automative-Fleet notes, hands-on account management provides better support than a centrally-located fleet management company. The same goes with eliminating fleet management software, something that could easily go awry if you don't have good technical support.

Once a pressing concern comes up you need help with, a local outsourced company is there to help out immediately. Despite long-distance communication being easier than it was, it's not so easy when you have major technical issues to solve.

Being Accountable for All Actions

The accountability aspect to hands-on account management should become a vital part of fleet management. Outsourcing allows this accountability to fall on the provider's proven expertise.

Because an outsourced crew does this work every day, mistakes are considerably lessened. Keeping up with all loose ends is also important for your drivers who need to rely on the information you provide.  Part of this comes in acquiring necessary equipment like tracking devices so you know how your trucks operate and what your drivers are doing.

Contact us at Wilmar, Inc. so we can become your leading outsourced fleet management service. We'll bring this on a hands-on, local level to ensure there isn't any confusion.

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