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How Great Customer Service Helps Fleets Stand Out

Posted by Wilmar, Inc.

 Customer Service

The customer is always right - you've probably heard this slogan on multiple occasions, haven't you? Customer satisfaction is extremely pivotal to the success of any business. 

If your company deals with a fleet of vehicles, one of the most effective weapons of succeeding in this crowded sector is investing in great customer service. That's the only way of creating a competitive edge and making your fleets stand out.

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So, how can great customer service benefit your fleets business? We'll walk you through the whole process.

Customer Skills

There are two types of skills that every service provider must possess; hard and soft skills. The latter is the kind that you need to perform technical and operational duties. You can acquire them in the classroom, through training, or job experience. On the flip side, soft skills are barely taught at school; they include leadership, problem-solving, listening, effective communication, teamwork, etc.

Although hard skills are necessary, soft skills are the most essential for offering excellent customer service. They're the ones that will decide whether you'll trigger the customer's emotions negatively or positively . Most customers pay attention to small details like how you welcome, listen, or explain stuff to them. If you treat them warmly, with respect, they'll remain loyal to your business; the reverse is true.

Endeavoring to Know Your Customers

Imagine entering your favorite restaurant, and the waitress greets and welcomes you by calling out your real names. Isn't it heart-warming? Now that's precisely how your fleets business customers expect you to treat them. As a fleet driver, getting to know your passengers by name might prevent them from seeking alternative services.

But let's face it; having just the names of your clients at your fingertips is a bit old-fashioned. Supplement with a warm smile, a tender voice, and needless to say, super-quality service delivery, such as building an effective fleet safety program. If you can master and practice all these regularly, we see no reason why your fleets business won't stand out.

Showing Empathy

Empathy is the ability to put yourself in someone else's shoes. If we incline it to customer service, it is the ability to foretell customers' feelings and assure them that you understand fully whatever they may be going through.

Here's a relatable scenario: you operate a funeral services fleet business, and a bereaved customer comes to inquire about your services. Great customer service commands that you put yourself in your client's shoes and share their pain. That way, they'll be at ease to do business with you even if they're still mourning the loss of their loved ones.

Other Components of Great Customer Service

Embracing Change

Change is the only constant in life; if you don't embrace it, you can barely grow. Luckily, technology allows business people to improve their customer service delivery without struggling. A perfect example is using GPS tracking technology to manage your fleet.

Treating Your Fleet Drivers Respectfully

Believe it or not, drivers are as important to your fleet business's success, as are the customers. Make a habit of asking their opinion on improving the business; they'll feel appreciated and part of the bigger picture. Also, be free with them - they'll easily open up if the vehicles are in good condition or need preventive maintenance.

Responding to Online Reviews

This is one area that many businesses disregard; don't follow that suit. Frequently look for online reviews on Google and respond, more so to the unfavorable ones. Here's how online reviews impact the bottom line.

Wrap Up

We hope that this post was an eye-opener, and it helped you realize how grade-A customer service can uplift your fleets business. Practicing great customer skills, showing empathy, creating a rapport with your customers, and treating your employers with dignity are just a few ways of creating a competitive edge for your fleets.

Here at Wilmar, we not only endeavor to provide quality services like fleet management, vehicle leasing, maintenance, and repair, but we also treat our clients with compassion and equality. For more insights about fleets business, visit our website now!

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