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The Advantages Of Proactive Fleet Planning

Posted by Wilmar, Inc.

Proactive Fleet Planning

Managing a successful fleet business is no easy job. Sometimes a crisis may strike out of nowhere, throwing you off guard. 

Other times, a lot may happen at the same time, and you'll be under constant pressure to offer solutions, guidance and recommendations. When this happens, you may find yourself making hasty decisions in the heat of the moment as you rush to keep everything in control. 

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Unfortunately, such hurried decisions may prove disastrous in the long run, and you may compound the problems instead of solving them. That's why being proactive and planning can help you avoid mistakes committed at the spur of the moment.

But this doesn't have to be your job. If you decide to partner with a fleet management company to help you manage your fleet efficiently, they should have the ability to proactively plan and make informed, well-calculated decisions for the success of your fleet business.

Here are the five main advantages of this.

1. Ability To Foresee Problems And Develop Timely Solutions

If you want to outperform your competitors and stay at the top, then you need to be more strategic in all your operations. One way to proactively make informed decisions is by using technology to predict or detect problems and create lasting solutions in advance.

For example, you can use detailed data-driven approaches to determine if buying a new vehicle is viable than leasing if the market trends favor that move and if there's a better technology the company should invest in. A proactive fleet management partner can provide the necessary tools to help you achieve this.

2. Cut Down Operational Costs With Preventative Maintenance

Typically, a proactive fleet management partner should have preventative maintenance. This will help you reduce operational costs and overall fleet expenses. This approach can also increase the lifespan of your vehicles.

As depreciating assets, your fleet requires the best preventative maintenance to keep them up and running and in good shape. If you can achieve this, you'll save more and keep your business alive for long.

3. Improved Efficiency And Productivity

Fleet Answers, which publishes flirt-related data, reported that a fleet business could post daily losses of between $400 and $700 if one or two vehicles are not on the road. This means that any time one of your company vehicles is broken down or is under repairs and maintenance, your business can lose quite a lot of money. 

Partnering with a proactive fleet management partner can help mitigate frequent vehicle breakdowns, reduce downtimes, and prevent costly financial risks that may derail your business' productivity.

Professional Feedback And Insights

Another benefit of working with an independent leasing and fleet management company is professional feedback and insights they will bring into your business. Whether you're working with a dedicated account manager or a reliable team, they can provide professional input, give updates and insights into the fleet's performance, and provide the necessary support to boost the business.

According to Business Insider, about  20% of new startups fail within the first twelve months of operation, while about  30% of small businesses fail in their second year. The report further shows that  50% of these businesses close up shop after five years of operations.

The same report also indicates that around 70% of small business owners become bankrupt after ten years in business. The insights you can gain from these proactive professionals can help you plan, anticipate setbacks, and overcome them to stay in business much longer. 

Talk To Wilmar Inc

Do you want to implement a proactive fleet management strategy to advance your business? You can talk to us here at Wilmar Inc to learn more about the proactive fleet management services we can offer your business.

As one of the most prominent independent leasing and fleet management companies in the Southeast, we aim to tailor each fleet solution to suit the individual needs of our customers.

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