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What are Fleet Services?

Posted by Wilmar, Inc.

fleet services

When you lease a fleet or hire fleet management, often a perk is mentioned known as 'Fleet Services'. For someone familiar with managing a fleet, you know that a lot could go into those two simple words. What exactly does your vehicle leasing company mean by fleet services? Exactly what services and value can you expect from a package or fleet lease that includes fleet services?

To answer your question, fleet services can cover everything you're thinking of right now. Here at Wilmar, fleet services are what we do best.

Everything relating to helping a company select, maintain, optimize, and manage their fleet falls under the umbrella term of fleet services. Particularly relating to taking care of your vehicle fleet once it's put together. 

Let's take a closer look at exactly what fleet services has to offer your business:

Fleet Selection and Aquisition

Choosing the right vehicles for your fleet is not always easy. There are hundreds of makes and models to choose from, and the manufacturers always have nice things to say about a vehicle. But a fleet services expert knows how to select the exact vehicle for each business need.

They know the difference between a loud engine and hauling power. They can identify the kind of seat needed for all-day drivers versus special assignment drivers. They can point out which cars have better mileage on city streets versus rural services.

If you need to build a fleet or add to your existing fleet, fleet services are a great place to start. A fleet services expert will help you analyze the vehicular needs of your business and choose exactly the right models to meet your criteria. From there, you can move forward on acquisition either through leasing or purchase, whichever works best for your business. 

Fleet Maintenance and Repairs

For every vehicle in your fleet, fleet services usually includes comprehensive maintenance and repairs. Keeping a fleet in top condition is what fleet services are designed to do best, and we get a lot of practice. The fact of the matter is that a vehicle used for work runs all day long, every work day.

The best way to get years of high-quality service from each vehicle is to stay on top of maintenance, and that's exactly what fleet services were originally designed to do.

Not every business that needs vehicles has the time or staff to keep a fleet tuned up and in top condition. You may not have mechanics on staff, and you don't need to with a fleet services package. Fleet services professionals will do routine inspections and tuneups, and they can also design easy-to-follow maintenance routines that drivers can do between checkups to keep their vehicles in top condition.

Fleet Analysis and Optimization

Your fleet services can also help you optimize the performance of your current fleet. In business, there is always room for improvement somewhere and with vehicles, that room is often seen schedule tightness and driver satisfaction.

Different vehicles, or a different choice in maintenance, might provide you with better gas mileage per vehicle. Or there might be vehicles that offer better driver technology that could streamline your on-the-road workflow. Or you might have vehicles that are getting beyond their optimal years of service.

We can help you identify where you're losing efficiency or could streamline your fleet management to get the performance metrics you're looking for. Whether the best optimization step is a different leased vehicle or a driver tech upgrade, fleet services are there to analyze your fleet and identify where you can make improvements. Once a plan is set out, your fleet services team can take care of or help you implement the optimizing changes.

License and Title Management

One of the most tedious aspects of fleet management is keeping track of all the licenses and titles for each vehicle. That's one thing that Wilmar's fleet services excel at taking off your hands. If you don't want to worry about the licenses and titles of the dozen vehicles in your fleet, you don't have to.

A good fleet services program can easily use the company's vehicle management solutions to make sure all of your fleet vehicles are licensed and have their paperwork up to date at all times.

Fuel Card Program

Want to implement fuel cards for your team? Fleet services can do that for you as well. Any time you have vehicles on the road, it's important that drivers not be asked to cover company gas out of pocket. But at the same time, you also don't want to give drivers a 'blank check' that might be abused for anything from road snacks to thousands in gas fraud.

Fuel cards are the solution to both problems because a well-designed fuel card can provide an easy way to pay for gas while also limiting spending on a daily or weekly basis to keep everything on the table.

Wilmar offers a fuel card that is accepted at over 180K locations nationwide, provides driver spending limits, and creates detailed line-item spending reports to ensure that gas costs are always taken care of and expenses are kept entirely above-board.


Fleet Vehicle Disposal

Finally, fleet services also includes the inevitable aftermath of driving a vehicle for eight hours a day, every day: disposal. Eventually, fleet vehicles wear down and occasionally are involved in accidents that just can't be recovered from. Getting rid of an old or wrecked car is a huge hassle and an interruption to your day-to-day business functions. Fortunately, fleet services can take care of this for you.

A good fleet services package includes vehicle disposal and, naturally, assistance sourcing the best possible replacement vehicle to fill the new vacancy in your fleet.


So what are fleet services? The way we do it at Wilmar, fleet services are anything that helps you build, manage, and maintain your fleet. From the paperwork to the gas tank and everything in between.

If you have a fleet that needs services or are planning to build a business fleet in the near future, contact us today! Our team is always ready to welcome a new business into the ease and efficiency of expert fleet services.

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