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What Are Some Unwritten Rules of Driving?

Posted by Wilmar, Inc.

Rules of Driving

Any competent driver is familiar with the traffic laws. Each state has different rules, but they are generally similar, especially for speed limits, road signs, use of seatbelts, and lane discipline.

However, there are unwritten laws of driving, most of which are pure common sense or require being a decent human being. In these post, we have outlined some of these unwritten rules of the road.

Wave, & Thank you When Another Driver Gives You Way

Often, other drivers will be courteous enough to allow you to pass at an intersection or change lanes. It is only fair to give them the 'thankyou-wave' or any other gesture of appreciation.

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According to this study, commuting has adverse effects on people's health, such as stress, exhaustion, and sleep disturbance. A simple 'thankyou-wave' can help contribute to the well-being of other drivers.

Avoid Delaying at The Gas Pump

Unfortunately, gas stations only have so many spots. So, if you plan to go inside the shop, pull into the parking space instead of making other drivers wait.

Speed-up before you get to the freeway

It is safe to drive slowly. However, there is an unwritten law that says you should use the on-ramp to speed up so that by the time you get to the freeway, you will be driving at the speed limit. That way, you avoid slowing other drivers and building up traffic behind you. Besides, getting to the freeway at a slower speed increases the chance of other cars bumping into you.

Drivers swear that accelerating on-ramp is fuel-efficient since you gradually increase speed instead of revving up to match the speed limit of the freeway.

 If You Damage Someone's Car, Leave A Note

You are backing out of the parking lot, and you bump into another car. They might not be there, so you can get away with it and avoid the repair bill. However, remember how bad it feels to come back and find your car has been damaged, and you do not know by whom.

Leave a note with your information so that the other driver can contact you to sort the issue. The best place to leave the note is under the windshield wiper.

Stay Out of Another Driver's Blind Spot

When attempting to overtake, you cannot avoid the blind spot of the driver in front of you. However, do not linger there for long as you risk causing an accident. Pass as soon as you can, or drop back if it takes too long.

Shift Lanes as Soon As You Can

Are you exiting the freeway at the next exit? If you wait until you get to the exit, you will annoy other drivers by forcing them to slow down so that you can exit. It is common sense to shift to the outer lane at the first chance you get.

Maintain Your Car

There is no law against skipping maintenance service. However, when your car breaks down in the middle of the road, you risk causing an accident. Therefore, take your vehicle to the mechanic regularly.

If your business owns many cars, it can be challenging to track what vehicle is due for maintenance service. It is, therefore, advisable to use a fleet maintenance and repair program. Meanwhile, check out this article on how fleet managers can handle different roadside issues.

Do Not Steal A Parking Slot

You are driving around the parking lot, looking for an empty spot and are beginning to get frustrated. Then, you see a car backing out, and you start to grin as you drive towards the spot. But then you realize there's another car waiting. Depending on the direction the vehicle which is backing out is going, you could easily steal the parking space.

However, there is an unwritten rule that says a parking slot goes to the car that has been waiting – not the one that has just arrived.

Breaking these unwritten rules of driving might not land you in trouble. But observing them makes you a decent and reasonable human being.

If you are having trouble with fleet management, like your drivers constantly breaking the actual traffic laws, contact us now!

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