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What is Fair Wear and Tear: Everything You Need to Know

Posted by Wilmar, Inc.

fair wear and tear

The fleet of vehicles in your company is an integral part of your investment. It is literary the 'wheels' upon which your business runs on. These vehicles, however, like any other equipment, are subject to wear and tear.

The degree of wear and tear varies from fleet to fleet, but quality care and maintenance of your vehicles increases their lifespan and guarantees you a high return on investment.

Fair wear and tear can be described as a reasonable summary of your vehicle's deterioration at the time of sale or at the end of your fleet-leasing period.

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It occurs when the routine use of your vehicle for normal activities causes deterioration. 

Fair wear and tear is the game-changer in ensuring that you yield significant returns from your fleet.

Maintaining your Vehicle in Top Condition- Beat the Excessive Wear and Tear

Have a look at the following tips to keep your fleet in top-notch condition and get that extra dollar from your fleet.

   i. Keep your vehicle clean inside out- Ensure thorough cleaning of your vehicle's interior and exterior to maintain a beautiful paint job and clear any debris that might have accumulated on the engine.

This, in turn, increases the longevity and fuel efficiency of your fleet. 

   ii. Maintain All Accessories- All your vehicles' accessories should be available and functional at all times. These accessories range from locks, security systems, telephones, vehicle cameras, audio equipment, and any other fittings. 

When these accessories remain in ideal conditions, they guarantee your a higher resale value or save you the hassle of incurring expensive replacement costs at the end of the leasing period.

  iii. Check Them Wheels- This is one part that is usually neglected by most vehicle users. However, the wheels and tires play a significant role in improving your vehicles' performance and overall condition. 

Regularly check your tires and ensure they have even treads and tire pressure. Also, inspect the wheel trims and wheel spokes for scratches and damages and repair them appropriately.

   iv. Eliminate Bad Smells- Occasionally, the stains on your fleets upholstery cause unpleasant odor. No one wants to receive back a 'smelling' car, or worse still, buy one. The general rule of thumb to keep up with the cleaning schedule is by engaging the services of a reliable fleet management service. 

 Fleet management services follow up with the cleaning schedules, hence ensuring that your fleet remains sparkling clean. 

    V. Observe Service and Maintenance Schedules- Keeping up with the manufacturer's recommended maintenance schedules allows you to keep excessive wear and tear at bay. Fleet management services help you remain on top of theses schedules. They also ensure that your vehicles are serviced by approved service agents and using approved service parts for your vehicles. 

Where the Buck Stops

As illustrated above, it is prudent for your company to consider the expertise rendered by fleet management professionals to ensure your fleet's fair wear and tear is avoidable or reasonable.

Here is a brief responsibility checklist for a trusted fleet management services provider designed to guarantee fair wear and tear for your fleet.

  • Maintenance schedule follow-up- A good fleet operator ensures that your vehicles' service and maintenance follow manufacturers' recommended schedule, using approved service parts and servicing agents.
  • Conduct regular spot checks- Fleet managers consistent checks concerning vehicle use and mileage. They ensure that potential problems related to care or driver are detected and addressed at an early stage.
  • Record Keeping- The fleet management services provider ensures that a thorough and complete service book for all vehicles is maintained. This also entails an up to date vehicle custodian log.
  • Vehicle Monitoring- Your fleet management service provider should be able to note mechanical problems, any damages, and areas of worsening in the vehicle logbook. They can also monitor vehicles to conform to towing capacities, speed limits, and travel routes, among other requirements.
  • Driver Behavior Monitoring- Fleet management services should help you to keep your drivers in check. They track your drivers' behavior on the road and follow up with simple maintenances by the vehicle user like oil and water checks, tire pressures, etc. 

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