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What is Fleet Management OBD?

Posted by Wilmar, Inc.

Fleet Management OBD

There is more to fleet management than just tracking your vehicles' location. The right fleet management systems will even allow you to monitor and measure the health of your specific vehicles. 

The resulting information helps you make wise decisions regarding the performance and productivity of your fleet. However, you will need a fleet management on-board diagnostics (OBD) system to do all these.

So, what is fleet management OBD? 

Read on to learn more about OBD and why it is vital in your fleet management. 

What is a Fleet Management OBD?

An OBD refers to a computer system installed in your vehicle to monitor and regulate its performance. It collects and compiles information about the specific vehicle and sends alerts to the driver if the vehicle has any issues. 

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Why You Need a Fleet Management OBD?

OBD plays a critical role in fleet management and telematics. It creates the platform to measure and measure the health status of your vehicles.

With an OBD, you will:

  • Track and monitor tear and wear trends in your fleet to budget for your fleet repairs and maintenance because you know the parts are getting worn out fast.
  • Diagnose any issues in your fleet before they become worse, guaranteeing proactive fleet management. 
  • Monitor and evaluate the driving habits, idling time, and other aspects for effective management of your fleet.

Can a Fleet Management OBD Improve Your Fleet?

When used correctly, an OBD will help you improve your fleet drastically. Here are several ways having an OBD can help improve your business: 

  • Achieves Customer Success

The onboard diagnostics system offers customized reports that your team can view on an OBD dongle, camera, or cell phone. With such reports, your fleet managers can establish the issue with your vehicle and respond promptly. The data collected can help prevent worse incidents that could affect your fleet's operations and overall customer success. 

  • Reduces Liability 

One of the aspects that OBD promotes is safe driving. If your fleet does not meet the necessary safety concerns, you will have to deal with high liability and insurance costs. Such expenses can adversely affect the future of your business. The OBD reader helps drive down insurance costs while at the same time ensuring reduced worker compensation claims and company liability.

  • Improves Driver Habits

Fleet safety is a critical element in any company. Careless driving can lead to accidents that could have a severe impact on your business. Having an onboard diagnostics system installed in your fleet reduces accidents and incidents from reckless driving. Additionally, the safety of your vehicles can have a significant impact on the vehicle's internal systems, leading to reduced cases of tear and wear. 

  • Offers Predictive Maintenance Insights

Whereas having an updated fleet management solution guarantees improved fleet performance, it is necessary to keep the fleet in better conditions. Caring and maintaining your vehicles is a crucial aspect in your fleet business you cannot avoid.  The OBD allows you to monitor and evaluate the situation of your vehicles and offer suggestive insights regarding significant repairs.

  • Environmental Compliance

Releasing carbon gases into the atmosphere is harmful to the environment. However, an on-board diagnostics system monitors this to ensure that your fleets comply with the necessary environment conservation policies. This system carries out the smoke test to reduce your fleets' carbon footprint.  

Final Thoughts!

When it comes to effective fleet management, you need to have the right tools and systems, and an OBD is a must-have. Liaise with the professionals at Wilmar for reliable fleet management solutions for your business. Being the largest fleet management and leasing company in North Carolina, you can trust the experts here with your fleet's safety.

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