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Dash Cams Have Captured Fleet Owners’ Attention – Why?

Posted by Wilmar, Inc.


The emergence of the dashboard camera, or a dash cam, in short, has been one of this century's remarkable contributions, thanks to technology. The astounding footage caught by dash cams across the world has become a source of entertainment on the internet. However, that is just scratching the surface of what is possible.

Dash cams are now more than just some new gadget to put on your dashboard alongside your fancy GPS navigation system. For a fleet owner, they offer several assurances and advantages. Let us take a look at why they have caught fleet owners' attention. 

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Admissible Evidence in Traffic Incidents

Have you ever found yourself in a situation where you wished you had some way to reconstruct the events leading up to an accident, but didn't know how to? With a dash cam, you do not have to think about what could have happened, just hit play and see how everything unfolded. 

It records the entire journey of the vehicle. If at some point a traffic incident happens, a dash cam will capture it. This is evidence you can present to your insurance provider, and even a court of law, should the situation require it. 

Protection Against Theft and Misconduct

Part of the human condition desires to take advantage of others and reap where one has not sown. IN this case, it could be stealing something from your trucks. It can be siphoning fuel or taking vehicle parts to go sell. A two-way or multi-cam system can cover all angles around the vehicle to capture the thief in action. 

Although you may want to trust your employees,  a few may want to abuse it. Others may simply breach the terms of operation, resulting in occasions like distracted driving or accidents. Keeping your equipment maintenance costs low can have significant benefits for your business undertakings.

Improved Data Collection

Dash cam systems can help you gain insights into driver behavior. This implies that you can collate driver behavior stats with others like engine health reports and inspection routines. All this is crucial information for a fleet management software solution

The insights you get can improve your safety policies, fleet maintenance, and training curriculums. What's more, you can know whether your drivers are maintaining the Hours-of-Service rules


For fleet owners, even though you may want to provide your drivers with the best gadgets out there, cost significantly contributes to the ones you choose. Luckily, today's dash cam systems come with many sophisticated features. These features negate having to buy several gadgets that do specific jobs. Instead, the attributes allow you to work with one, which provides convenience and reliability. 

Note that it is not uncommon to have dash cam systems with integrated GPS navigation systems and accelerometers. With increased connectivity, fleet managers can view footage from a dash cam in real-time as the truck hurtles down the road. 

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