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How to Use Fuel Cards in Driver Reward Programs

Posted by Wilmar, Inc.

driver reward programs

Fuel cards have historically been one of the most challenging aspects of fleet management. You have to send your team out with enough money to refuel whenever that becomes necessary. However, just giving drivers a stack of cash and sending them out into the world isn't exactly secure business. 

This is why dedicated fuel cards have become so popular. As card technology improves, so too does your control and ability to use them effectively.

Fuel cards are no longer black holes into which snacks, mistakes, and scams can disappear. You can track exactly when, where, and on what your fleet's fuel cards are spent on and even limit them to gas purchases in approved locations only.

Of course, this kind of management insight and control can feel threatening for a fleet, especially if they feel they are suspected of wrongdoing. The key is to integrate better technology like precise fuel cards into a rewarding driver program for your fleet.

This can turn fleet card use into an opportunity for rewards instead of a form of management limitation. When fuel cards are also driver rewards, everyone will be motivated to use the card efficiently.

'Fuel Saver' - Reward Drivers Who Use Cheaper Gas Stations

driver reward programs

One of the easiest rewards to implement is rewarding your drivers for spending less. If they have an eye for low-cost fuel locations in your region, you want to encourage them to catch those deals.

This is fun and satisfying for drivers and very good for your fleet fuel budget. You can both reward current deal-hunters and encourage the entire fleet to look out for low priced gas.

You can help your team become fuel savers by tracking local fuel costs through a mobile app. There are several programs that offer this listing and Google Maps has some information as well.

'Protocol Pro' - Reward Drivers Who Fill Up Like Clockwork

While effective fueling is valuable, so too is an employee who reliably fuels at the same time every single shift. Some people make sure they never run out of gas simply by building fuel into their regular routine.

They always come in with about the same amount in the tank and their fuel card use will probably show the same stop at the same one of three places at about the same time every day.

They are also more likely to adhere to  most company protocols with the same clockwork reliability. Reward these steady regulars and encourage your new recruits to take on the steady style while they learn the ropes.

'Quick-Stopper' - Reward Drivers with the Fastest Gas Stops

Some of your drivers are unusually efficient at the gas station. It may even be a team that has perfected the quick-stop at the gas station to get in and out almost immediately.

For whatever reason, it pays to reward your drivers for making stops that minimally interrupt their scheduled workflow. If you have GPS tracking, time at a gas station can be measured after the fact but even schedule management can reveal a quick-stopper. Simply check their arrival times to the timestamps on the fuel card uses.

'Team Player' - Reward Drivers Who Fill Before Hand-Off

Finally, there are some people who are infinitely courteous. They always do their safety checks, have a spare beverage for passengers, and remember to fill up the fleet vehicle before bringing it in.

Someone taught them a long time ago that it was the right thing to do and they do it. While your team players might be humble, you want to openly reward considerate and helpful fueling habits. Watch for fuel cards that always show a receipt just before a vehicle is handed off to another driver or turned in for the night.

Driver rewards are the ideal way to introduce new technology to your fleet. The more you can make ideal behavior and practiced interaction with your system rewarding, the more your drivers will strive to meet your goals. When they get rewards, recognition, and snack budgets for good fuel practices, everyone wins.

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