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How Great Customer Service Helps Fleets Stand Out

Posted by Wilmar, Inc.

 Customer Service

No matter the size or type of a business, customer service is always a top priority. It's always been the client's way or the highway. 

Customer service makes the difference between low or high ROI, good or bad customer retention, increased or reduced customer service costs, and high or low customer loyalty. At Wilmar, we can't overstate just how important customer service is.

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Businesses dedicated to customer service continually outdo their peers and have a clear competitive edge. In fact, research shows that 59% of consumers would try a new business just to receive a better customer experience.

Any service-oriented business, including those running fleets, should not miss out on the perks of wowing their clients.

Why Customer Service Really Matters

The adage goes: "The customer is always right."

While this might sound a little exaggerated, fleets should focus on its gist of truth. Treat clients well, and they'll reciprocate with kindness, loyalty, and a favorable referral.

So how does great customer service add value to your fleet's bottom line? Find out below:

1. Customers Will Remain Loyal

The truth is, it can take years to build lifetime clients but only ONE negative experience to push them away- for good.

Just a little perspective: a recent PWC survey shows that 32% of all clients will stop engaging with a company they were loyal to after one bad experience.

2. Customers Will Spend More

Customers are likely to spend 140% more after a good experience than customers who report bad experiences.

In fact, 50% of customers increase their purchasing with a company after good customer experience.

Evidently, customer experience matters so much to customers that they'd rather pay more to engage with a company that does it well.

3. Customers Will Refer Your Business to Others

Your customers can be your most-effective- and cheapest- a form of advertising as long as you give them a reason to do so. In fact, 68% of customers said that positive reviews- whether on the net or social media- increased their likelihood to use a business.

You can trust us when we tell you that the best mode of advertisement is by word of mouth from a satisfied customer. Word of mouth can travel really fast, so it's best to leave a positive impression- the first time.

What Does Great Customer Service Mean For Fleet Businesses?

The definition of good customer experience can vary from one customer to another and from a company to another. Nonetheless, for fleets in North Carolina, good customer service means:

i. Constantly Evolving and Embracing Change

All businesses should capitalize on technological advancements that streamline customer service.

By making the most of GPS-backed tracking systems, fleets can optimize driving routes, cut down on running costs, and improve overall efficiency.

ii. Offering Useful and Timely Assistance To Your Drivers

Drivers are the face of your fleet business, and satisfied drivers result in satisfied clients.

Constantly request for their feedback: Are their trucks in good condition? Are they experiencing traffic delays, and do they have access to alternative routes?

Take care of your drivers, and they will treat your clients right.

iii. Frequently Responding to Online Reviews

According to Fan & Fuel, 35% of prospective clients say that just one review can make them decide not to engage with a business.

It can be tempting to write-off a difficult client as simply being a bad egg, but unfortunately, that's rarely where it ends. In fact, unhappy clients will typically tell anywhere from 9-15 other people. That number could quickly reach a hundred more if one unhappy client does write a review.

To avoid all the hassle, keep track of online reviews and respond to every one of them (daily if need be). Focus more on the negative ones.

iv. Rolling Out Customer Satisfaction Surveys

There's no better way to assess the quality of your fleet than to ask clients directly.

Draft a customer satisfaction survey and post it on your website.

To get the real picture:

  1. Ask them if they'd recommend your us
  2. Address any complaints right away.
  3. Make your response as personalized as possible.
  4. More importantly, identify the source of similar complaints and find out what isn't working well.

Wrapping Up

It doesn't take rocket science to realize that great customer service matters and can help your fleet truly stand out. Hopefully, these insights will help you rethink your customer service approach, all while positively impacting your bottom line.

If you're looking for a fleet management solution with 5-star customer support, then look no further than Wilmar. Feel free to talk  to us or call us at 1.800.488.8451 to speak to one of our experts today!

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