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The Benefits of Integrating Fuel Data Into Fleet Management

Posted by Wilmar, Inc.

Every organization in the fleet industry understands the need and importance of managing the fuel consumption of their vehicles. Fuel is one of the most significant expenditures on their budgets, and investing in fuel management systems to manage over-consumption is essential.


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Because fuel takes up a large portion of their expenses, organizations should invest in fuel management systems to collect data to achieve their productivity objectives and make their operations more fuel-efficient. Integrating fuel data into fleet management systems has some benefits. They include:

  • Provides more accurate data on vehicles costs per mile

With the data collected in real time from the fleet management systems, you can use the information to generate a report on vehicle fuel consumption. This will help fleet managers know where there is over-consumption and make decisions based on the data provided to help them manage their fuel costs. It also uses telematics, where you can track activities like harsh driving, vehicle idling, and vehicle performance, which can help you understand how these factors affect fuel consumption.

  • Reduce fuel theft

Integrating fuel data into the fleet management systems helps prevent the problem for companies looking for ways to deal with fuel theft. Managers can set automatic fuel monitoring systems on the fuel tanks of their vehicles to notify them whenever fuel is pumped beyond the required range. Once their employees know that there are fuel monitoring systems on the vehicles, instances of fuel theft will reduce. This will make their business more productive while preventing unwanted acts from the employees.

  • It provides more precise mileage.

When fuel data cards are incorporated into the fuel management system, it will constantly update the system with all the required details about the fleet. This will help in the event maintenance is required for their fleet, where it will be done when necessary. Relying on someone to do mileage updates can lead to some vehicles missing their maintenance schedules, leading to costly vehicle breakdowns. 

The fuel data cards eliminate this issue when managers integrate them into the fleet management systems. Doing timely preventive maintenance will improve your vehicle conditions and fuel efficiency.

  • Help in fuel cost monitoring

When fuel data cards are incorporated into systems, you can generate fuel reports from each vehicle. With this, you can optimize and monitor the fuel consumption of each vehicle, which will help you understand the fuel usage patterns.

The data from these sources are integrated into the systems where you can do multiple analyses and generate fuel reports for all your vehicle depending on your models, routes, loads, and driver performances.

Additionally, you can configure the system to generate different reports to help access the fleet's operating costs and overall fleet maintenance. As a result, it will help monitor your fleet's fuel costs.

  • It makes fleet management easy.

When fuel monitoring systems are incorporated into the overall fleet management system, it will make your job easier. It will make the job easier by eliminating manual data entry, which is prone to errors and brings multiple reports to one system. It will also allow you to spot fuel issues easily, enabling immediate correction.

Bottom line

Fuel management can be a challenging task, especially if you get some crucial bits of data, usage patterns, and other cost drivers in the fleet. A sound fuel management system can help you access all the information and complement the overall fleet management system well. 

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