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Fleet Management - Why is Asset Tracking Important?

Posted by Scott Crawford

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Now that you're starting an electrician or plumbing business, have you considered how you're going to manage your fleet vehicles? Whether you bought them or leased, it's important to consider how you're going to track those and other assets.

Asset tracking is much more essential now in a time when the above industries are more competitive than ever. You don't want to make mistakes in losing track of how your fleet vehicles are doing, and where they're going.

Take a look at these reasons why you need a fleet management consultant to keep your vehicles fully tracked.

Why Asset Tracking Should Become a Standard

You're going to help administrative costs by using some form of asset tracking for your vehicles. Using automated tracking processes is the only way to avoid having to utilize more time and money to track your vehicles manually.

The old days of fleet drivers filling out activity logs on paper are ending quickly in the digital era. 

It's amazing companies like yours only had the above as a way to track assets, leaving it open for drivers to leave out things they did on their own time.

Fortunately, tracking technology is becoming more common. This falls under what's known as telematics, with many of those devices literally fitting in the palm of a hand.

Using Camera Technology to Track Your Trucks

Dashcams are fairly common now. They've been around for years, though fleet vehicle managers are using them more often to track what drivers do. More so, they want to know where their vehicles go so they can design more efficient routes to save on gas expenses.

These devices are the smallest of any tracking device. They're not even noticeable when placed up on the dashboard of your driver's truck. Using these in real-time, you can find out what your drivers do and if they're visiting outside areas against your wishes.

As part of telematics technology, you're also going to encourage safer driving habits if some of your drivers take too many chances.

asset tracking

Using Mobile Technology to Track Customer Service

Many mobile apps are available to track your assets. What's great about them is they essentially take the place of the old paper logs your drivers used to turn in. Through real-time tracking on mobile devices, you can discover how your drivers deal with customer service.

As another vital part of asset tracking, you want to know how your drivers interact with customers when making visits to homes for repairs. Now you can know that your vehicles arrive to their destinations on time.

Plus, through mobile apps, your drivers can look up digital maps instantly to find locations if they happen to get lost.

Using GPS Devices for Maintenance Management

Maintenance on your vehicles needs special attention, no matter if your vehicles are new. One of your trucks could break down at any time if you don't put in some maintenance often enough.

Sometimes a mechanical problem could start developing without you knowing. Using tracking devices like GPS and even internal devices in the vehicle, you bring more efficient maintenance management without taking chances.

Using a GPS device, you can again plan out better routing for the future so you don't put so much wear and tear on your vehicles. Scoping out a problem with built-in vehicle tracking is going to save you possibly thousands of dollars in further repair bills.

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Using a Fleet Management Consultant for Tracking

When you find a fleet management consultant company offering to provide vehicles and equipment for you, it's going to bring even more convenience. They can become your official fleet management team as a form of outsourcing.

Here at Wilmar, Inc., we're a leader in providing these services. We'll give you all the tracking equipment you need to keep your vehicles consistently monitored.

Contact us to learn more about the technologies we provide and comprehensive management services.

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