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Five Best Selling Trucks in 2021

Posted by Wilmar, Inc.

 Best Selling Trucks in 2021

No matter whether you have a whole fleet of trucks to maintain or just the one you drive every day, you want to be sure you have the highest quality, most dependable one available. 

While looking at the top sellers for a given year does not always mean that they are the most reliable, it is a good place to start. 

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Because the sales of 2021 got off to a late start, the numbers of total vehicle sales have not quite rebounded to the averages seen in 2019. Still, there have been plenty of trucks sold this year, more than enough to determine the top 5 sellers so far.

Keep in mind that sales numbers are fluid and the actual results for the year won't be known until the sales year is over and official tallies can be made.

 Best Selling Trucks in 2021

#5 Toyota Tundra 

The 2021 Toyota Tundra earned the number 5 spot on this list by adding the latest technology, like an 8-inch, high-resolution touchscreen and integrated navigation, without losing sight of why people buy trucks in the first place; to get work done. Although sleek and modern, this truck still has the power to haul 10,200 pounds. 


 Best Selling Trucks in 2021

#4 Chevrolet Silverado 

The Chevy Silverado earned the fourth spot on this list, at least in part, because it has been named to the Kelley Blue Book top 10 for resale value. Available in 10 distinctive colors, this truck is as good-looking as it is hardworking. This year Chevy added the multifunction tailgate to the list of reasons why people love this truck.

  Best Selling Trucks in 2021


#3 Dodge Ram 

The Dodge Ram is a perennial favorite of truck buyers. It has been around a long time because their owners appreciate their value and their ability to stand up to heavy-duty work. With 3 different power packages, you can select the right combination of power and fuel efficiency to meet your needs. Inside the cab, the Ram features optional leather seating and a 12-inch touchscreen among other things that make this the most luxurious pickup truck interior on the market. 


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#2 Toyota Tacoma 

The Tacoma made it to the #2 spot by being more about fun than work. Designed more for offroading and nights on the town than hauling heavy loads, this truck places form over function and the people love it. Its most notable exterior option is the TRD Pro skid plate. Installed to prevent liquids, rocks or other debris from reaching the electrical and mechanical parts under the hood. Inside the cab is filled with luxury and technology. 


 Best Selling Trucks in 2021

#1 Ford F-150 

The F-150 doesn't just sit at the top of the list of trucks sold so far this year, it is also the #1 best selling vehicle in America this year period. When all types of sedans, SUVs, crossovers and vans are factored in, the Ford F-150 series still comes out on top. This year Ford refreshed the entire F-150 line and included both a hybrid and a super duty model. Some of the great new features added include a moon roof, an external camera system and an in-bed, plug-in power systems which give you the ability to power almost anything almost anywhere. 

If you are looking to add any of these trucks or any other trucks to your fleet, come see us at Wilmar Inc. We have everything you need to keep your fleet of trucks, regardless of the make or model, at peak efficiency, including comprehensive maintenance plans.

We also offer fleet management tools, including driver logistics and GPS tracking, to let you know which vehicles are helping your bottom line and which ones may be hurting it. We, of course, can then offer solutions to ensure that every vehicle is earning its keep. 

For more information about how we can keep your entire fleet running smoothly, contact us at Wilmar Inc. 

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