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When Should I Hire a Fleet Manager? 6 Ideal Situations to Consider Hiring One

Posted by Wilmar, Inc.

 Hire a Fleet Manager

fleet manager is responsible for logistical tasks and vehicle readiness for your fleet. They ensure that your vehicles are efficient and effective from a financial and operational standpoint.

While companies with fewer vehicles can balance between fleet management and overall business responsibilities, the act of juggling will not get you past the twenty-fourth vehicle. 

Each day that passes is a good day to hire a fleet manager-- but it becomes even more vital when your fleet has more than a dozen vehicles with the possibility of growth. 

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Some of the ideal times that you should consider engaging the services of a fleet manager are if you need to:

1. Compare Repair and Maintenance Costs 

As your vehicles increase in number, they continue to age too. Thus, you will need them to be consistently repaired and maintained at reasonable costs to ensure your vehicles are in the best condition all year round. A fleet manager will take time to evaluate the most cost-effective dealership, auto-shops, and fuel card programs for your fleet.

This allows your businesses to significantly save on costs while getting the best deals at negotiable prices. 

2.  Manage The Procurement of Your Vehicles and Vehicle Parts

Hiring a fleet manager is an effective way to manage the procurement of vehicles and vehicle parts. A fleet manager will shop for different alternatives when procuring vehicle materials in bulk to secure you the best discounts and deals.

A fleet manager is likely to bargain on deals and utilize promotions when shopping for vehicle parts hence ensuring your enterprise bags the best at reasonable prices. 

3. Control the Quality of Maintenance for Your Fleet

If you need to assess every maintenance or repair project for quality service, it is prudent to consider hiring a fleet manager. The manager can vet your maintenance services provider so that only qualified and reliable mechanics get to work on your vehicles.

Routine fleet maintenance guarantees you return on investment but on a condition: strict adherence to schedules. Therefore, you need someone to keep an eye on your schedules and keep track of maintenance expenses.

4. Want to Keep Up with Vehicle Registration and Inspection Management

A fleet manager will efficiently manage annual inspections, deadlines, and registration renewals, saving you lapses that would otherwise end up in costly fines.

5. Evaluate New Technology and Trends

Do not let your fleet lose touch with current trends and technologies. A fleet manager will allow you to navigate seamlessly through the emerging trends in vehicles. They rely on superior services and products as they become available to keep your vehicles in top condition year in year out.

Ranging from GPS trackers and maps, fuel cards, and digital toll payment solutions, fleet managers will keep your fleet in the best condition with new vehicle upgrades and enhancements. 

6. Monitor Driver Performance

If you want to actively monitor your drivers' vehicle-use behavior, hiring a fleet manager is an ideal option for you. A manager will keenly vet and assess your fleet operators to ensure that all your drivers strictly adhere to the best driving practices.

A fleet manager will also identify efficient drivers and work with them to develop long term plans and strategies that optimize your fleet operations.

Let Your Business Grow

The benefits of hiring a fleet manager outweigh the costs. With an efficient fleet manager, you spend less time worrying about your fleet and instead keep tabs on critical business aspects such as product or service evaluation, developing strategies, and assessing expansion opportunities.

Who We Are

Wilmar, Inc is a fleet management services provider based in Charlotte, North Carolina. For the last four decades, we have rendered excellent fleet leasing solutions and management services to the people of North Carolina.  We have leveraged professionalism and stood behind our WIYBI promise to become Southeastern's largest independent fleet leasing and management company.

For more information and queries on hiring a fleet manager and all other concerns for your fleet, feel free to contact us today, and we will be more than willing to assist.

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