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Why Reverse Parking Is Safer

Posted by Wilmar, Inc.


As far safety goes, most motorists tend to underestimate the potential dangers of parking spaces. Generally, distracted driving in parking facilities is the most common cause of accidents

However, such accidents can be significantly reduced or avoided if proper safety protocols and reverse parking techniques are followed. 

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To ensure safety in parking lots, motorists need to normalize reverse parking instead of the usual front parking. Reverse parking enables the driver to be more aware of their surroundings which help them maneuver through traffic and pedestrians.

Today, we discuss the four key reasons why reverse parking is safer than other parking methods and why you should consider it whenever you drive into a parking facility.

Improved  Driver Visibility 

When you reverse out of a parking space, you'll be faced with a lot of blind spots, and the reduced visibility is likely to prevent you from driving out of the parking space safely. The danger is multiplied if your car is front parked and you reverse it out into the way of an oncoming and speeding vehicle.

By the time you've realized this, it would be too late to pull back into the parking lot, and you may not avoid a collision. On the other hand, if you park your car in reverse, your visibility will not be compromised, as you'll be much more aware of your surroundings. Reverse parking is even more crucial in basement parking spaces or if the weather is dark and foggy, causing poor visibility.

Makes Maneuvering Easier

In most cities, both private and public parking facilities are usually crowded and heavily packed with vehicles. This situation may make it difficult to maneuver safely through the parking space. This is also true if the car is parked front first.

Under such circumstances, you're highly likely to spend a lot of time in the parking facility as you try to maneuver your vehicle and drive out of the parking space safely. However, if you backed in or parked in reverse, performing basic maneuvers out of the parking lot would be much simpler. Reverse parking allows you to wriggle your way out much more quickly, even in smaller parking spaces.

Promotes Emergency Preparedness

Emergencies are inevitable, and they tend to cause panic and confusion. That's why in emergencies such as fire outbreaks, rescuers and safety personnel often strive to ensure every one is as calm as possible. If the situation calls for immediate evacuation, it's easy to hop into your car and drive out of a parking lot as fast and safely as possible.

Under such circumstances, the last thing you want is to reverse in front of a speeding vehicle or wait for someone to back out of their space or waste a few minutes trying to back out yourself. That's a dangerous situation to be in, especially if you have panicked and need to rush out fast. Backing also helps solve everyday car problems.

For instance, if your vehicle refuses to start, you can get a boost than if you try to pull your engine forward. With reverse parking, you can avoid the frustrations of evening shifts when everyone is tired and distracted behind their wheel.

Good For Fuel Efficiency

It's much more convenient to park in such a way that your vehicle faces the direction you'll be driving out to. This is also beneficial in that it helps you save fuel. Typically, a cold engine significantly consumes more fuel, so you're likely to burn more energy if you reverse out of a parking space.

Similarly, a cold engine deteriorates faster than a warm engine, meaning that if a vehicle in the front parked position, the engine would be affected by the maneuverings you'll have to perform to get out of the parking space.

Bottom Line

Safety in parking facilities and even roadways is a collective responsibility for all motorists and pedestrians alike. You can do your part by applying reverse parking techniques when driving into an empty parking spot.

Since reverse parking promotes visibility, you will be more vigilant of your surroundings and exercise precautions while reversing your vehicle. In this way, you can help mitigate any potential accident, bodily injury, or property damage as you exit a parking facility with ease.

Here at Wilmar Inc, we care about the overall safety of drivers, fleets, and the general public. If you need more information on how you can maintain safety for your vehicle or fleet, either in a parking facility or on the road, talk to us. We offer professional fleet safety guidance, tips, and more.

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